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    Helloooo. :] Welcome to my profile. <br>I'm happy, nice, weird, crazy, spazzy, && plain awesome! Well, not really. Just scroll around and take a look at the fun things in my profile ;]<br><br>Ksenia, Weiwei, Me = Ice Cream Sandwhichy Power Puff Girls Of Magicality [The red one]<br><br>Fire, Frog 2 from The Super United Forgs! <3<br>We play, we help, and most importantly, we STALK!<br><br>Weiwei and Me = Asian twins FTW ;D<br><br>Ksenia, Beth, Me = TARP [the awesome religious people]<br><br>ILY;<br>Ksenia, Weiwei, Jamie, Jaimee, Katie [katie_bug], Acid, Huntr, Caillie, Krystal, Maria, Michelle, Tess, Beth [Red~Rose], Beth [The Script], Vivienne, Carly, Sara, Malinda, Emilee, Grace, and Martine.<br><br>And all the others. <3<br><br>A beautiful poem Ksenia made for me~~<br><br>Starry, I love you,<br>I love you with my whole heart,<br>You're really pretty,<br>Exactly like a tart.<br><br>I promise I'll visit you,<br>Hopefully soon,'<br>So we can sit on the grass,<br>And gaze at the moon.<br><br>We're both really spazzy,<br>And that brings us closer,<br>We both love our mp3's,<br>And all those composers.<br><br>We may be far in distance,<br>Very far apart,<br>But always remember,<br>We're close in heart.<br><br>This one is made by Weiwei~~<br><br>Dear Starfire,<br>I'd call you my friend,<br>But then I'd be a liar<br>'Cause you're more than just that.<br>You're just like the little sister<br>I never had.<br>I kinda hate MSN<br>It sucks so bad.<br>It won't let us talk,<br>But that doesn't matter.<br>It would rock<br>If one day we met.<br><br>Poem by Bethieee ~<br><br>My gutter-minded spaz cake<br>Need I say any more?<br>Starry I love you to no end<br>Your jokes are never poor<br><br>You make me fall out my chair in laughter<br>You're always dear to me<br>I now need to stalk you<br>It's you I want to see <br><br>Joseph, why did you rape Mary?<br>She dead and now a star<br>But you and Jesus, you don't care<br>You're just heading off to the bar<br><br>Jumping balls, remember this?<br>Our dirty msn convos<br>And the jumping smile emotion<br>Our mums are<br><br>Here comes the end of this poem<br>So unlike our friendship<br>I hope we stay friends for a very long time<br> <br>If so, I'll give you a tip :D<br><br>Love you all. <3333

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  1. Ate. [i accidentally ate a TV.] I accidentally a lipgloss tube.
  2. 5 Minutes To Midnight -- Boys Like Girls.
  3. I guess it's the one that the suckerthingymagig breaks? xD
  4. o_o That's a scary poem. I mean... Never heard of it. Looks so hard...
  5. Erm... 5 Minutes To Midnight -- Boys Like Girls. It usually changes daily XD Favorite food.
  6. Kings Of Leon I guess. Paramore or Taylor Swift?
  7. No, I'll die first xD I'm seasick. Can you... eat peanuts?
  8. Hugged 8D [i accidentally hugged Acid.] I accidentally a dog.