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    Ksenia wrote me a poem. I love her so much. <3<br><br>Brittany, do you know how much I love you?<br>Do you understand how much you matter?<br>You're for sure a best friend of mine,<br>In no way will I let this friendship shatter.<br><br>Through days of good, through days of bad,<br>Through days of happy, through days of sad,<br>I promise I'll be there, forever and ever,<br>No matter how hard, giving up? Never!<br><br>If I didn't have you, how would I cope?<br>What would I do? I'd just have to hope.<br>Hope to meet someone, someone who cares,<br>Someone like you, someone this rare.<br><br>Life can be tough, it's hard to get away,<br>But sometimes a friend or two can brighten up your day,<br>People can be mean and really ruin life,<br>Though there are true friends who'll prevent any strife.<br><br>Meeting you will be something I will treasure,<br>A once in a life time thing, truly a pleasure.<br>I swear I will cry, because it's not everyday,<br>That you get to meet a friend who lives so far away.<br><br>With friends like you, we can go through anything,<br>With eachother's help, we'll feel like there's an extra wing,<br>Though true friendship can't consist of only one,<br>There needs to be two to fly right up as high as the sun.<br><br>The world needs more of people like you, to finally be at peace,<br>If everyone were as kind-hearted as you, then the world would need no police.<br>So always remember, Britt, that you're amazing on the inside and out,<br>And people who don't recognise that just don't know what they're on about.<br><br>So as this poem is coming to an end,<br>I'm starting to realise you're a true friend,<br>You're someone I've already become so close to,<br>And I wanted you to know that I truly do love you.

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  1. you used to be one of the meanest people I knew on here

  2. I currently only have one celeb crush, the one and only.. Justin Drew Bieber. <3
  3. So like. I have a billion accounts, but the only old ones I used were; Greendaygirl829 (Very first. <3) xXMrs. Joe JonasXx Miss Murder. And that's about it. xD
  4. Well, you see... My first roleplay is long gone. xD Three years ago ftw. But I know her name was Mekedo or Chrislin. And I think it was Music School or Naruto.
  5. Hun, Gay is not a synonym for crappy. (:
  6. Love them. <3 I enjoy them more with Ronnie though, definitely. But Craig isn't all bad, though but Ronnie's voice is...more unique. I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with them for life, regardless if my favourite singer left, besides, all us Ronnie fans have his new band, Falling In Reverse.
  7. Thank you so much, Maria. I swear, I almost cried. I love you. Very much. <3
  8. American, sadly. I hate american accents. But maybe that's because it seems like nothing to me. Though, people say I pronounce things weird. But I absolutely looooove british accents. <3 And Australian accents. [:
  9. "Brittany.x|| Did you regret ever standing by my side? says: 8D RAINBOW." xD
  10. KATIE. Of course I love you. D: My memory was never the greatest, I'm sorry. <3 -edit- You too, Davie. I love you but my memory is crappy. D: <3
  11. Sorry, Tori. D: -edit- <3