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  1. I currently only have one celeb crush, the one and only.. Justin Drew Bieber. <3
  2. So like. I have a billion accounts, but the only old ones I used were; Greendaygirl829 (Very first. <3) xXMrs. Joe JonasXx Miss Murder. And that's about it. xD
  3. Well, you see... My first roleplay is long gone. xD Three years ago ftw. But I know her name was Mekedo or Chrislin. And I think it was Music School or Naruto.
  4. Hun, Gay is not a synonym for crappy. (:
  5. Love them. <3 I enjoy them more with Ronnie though, definitely. But Craig isn't all bad, though but Ronnie's voice is...more unique. I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with them for life, regardless if my favourite singer left, besides, all us Ronnie fans have his new band, Falling In Reverse.
  6. Thank you so much, Maria. I swear, I almost cried. I love you. Very much. <3
  7. American, sadly. I hate american accents. But maybe that's because it seems like nothing to me. Though, people say I pronounce things weird. But I absolutely looooove british accents. <3 And Australian accents. [:
  8. "Brittany.x|| Did you regret ever standing by my side? says: 8D RAINBOW." xD
  9. KATIE. Of course I love you. D: My memory was never the greatest, I'm sorry. <3 -edit- You too, Davie. I love you but my memory is crappy. D: <3
  10. Sorry, Tori. D: -edit- <3
  11. -facepalm- ANYWAYS. I love converse. <3 I only have two pairs though. D:
  12. Ohmahgod. I'm so sorry, Krystal. ;-; -edit-
  13. Gasp. Britt shall attempt a list. Phoebe. Luke. Alex. Sarah. Jordan. Diva. Olivia. Ksenia. Maria. Beth. Tami. Dalton. Emmy. TK. Zoria. Kadee. Mandi. Lee. Nicola. Michaela. Mostr. April. Mimi. Ceci. James. Melody. Sam. Chris. Miley. Weiwei. Izzy. Vivienne. Ash. Krystal. Tori. Davie. Cinder-Katie. KK Katie. Malinda. If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. D: Lemme know if I did. <3
  14. Yeah, I hurt myself multiple days throughout the day. Not fun. xD But yeah, I have a couple bruises on my legs and a bunch of cuts from the desk at my grandparents house. Well, the cuts are from the desk. No clue how I got the bruises.
  15. Yes, this one is for you. I'm not sure what I'll call it so suggestions will help. Feedback is always great. A whisper into the silenced reciever, A call home without an answer, Like the sun without a moon, Lie there. Listen to the dial tone. Maybe someday, someone will answer. Hold your breath, Hold on tight, And just before you slip under, Beg for answers to a million lost messages. I hear the bells in the distance, Tears stream down the ones without faces, They mourn the death of their past, But who is it they carry on their shoulders? Maybe our ghosts will be out to play. Hold your breath, Hold on tight, And just before you come back, Beg for answers to a million lost calls. This silence haunts me in my dreams, These stories we tell help me never forget you, I'll run blindly forward if it means I'll see your face, Read between these lines, They say what you need to hear. Hold your breath, Hold on tight, And just before we remember, Return the call. Tell myself it'll be okay, But you're the only one who can confirm, Did you know all along? Had you actually forgotten? Hoping one day you'll write back, Wishing on all the stars in the skies that this isn't goodbye, And if you speak into this silence, Maybe I'll remember that forever isn't over. Flying envelopes. Broken glass, Shattered promises. Lay down your knives, Forget your amunition. Stare at this city as the lights return, Charlotte, don't forget the thunder.
  16. Uh. Why? He's voicing the part of a young boy and he is a young boy. What's so wrong with that? Anyways, it looks good. I'll definitely try to see it. [:
  17. I prefer writing about real life situations or great tragedy. I'm planning on writing a book which I really will try with. If you want details on the story you can PM because I don't want to write a huge post about it. xD
  18. So um, yeah. I wrote another song but this time it's for Maria. I really hope she likes it, though it's not very good, at least I don't think so but I tried my best. Feedback is always great. Silver hearts speak golden lies, Nights spent alone with these thoughts inside our heads, And if tonight is my last, Don't forget that these words aren't dead. Crimson truths, Write these words down and never forget, But don't remember, Read these words when her world is over, I hope she would never have to. Keep these letters burried in secrets, Write these memories in the back of your mind, And if all is at end, Read the words I left behind. Crimson truths, Write these words down and never forget, But don't remember, Read these words whenher world is over, I hope she would never have to. Nausea is only a side-effect of looking back, Everyone knows it never helps! Haven't you seen it on the silver screen? She looks back, he smiles, she goes, And all he's left with is these side-effects we suffer. Stick together and hold on tight, Gotta brave these awful fights, But when it's all dead and gone, Forget to remember these words I wrote. Maria, say goodnight.
  19. Friends and how I really want this song to be good.
  20. Shout out to Luke; Ahh, my awesome british friend. You really need to make a video, I need to hear your voice. x3 But yeah, you're really great and I love you no matter what others think. Soyeah, everyone who said they love Luke, I love him the most. [: