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    Spring Valley with Maria <33 (Adelaide otherwise)
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    Heya <3<br><br>~Favourite TV shows~<br>The Simpsons<br>Futurama<br>Yo Gabba Gabba (Brobee xD. Thanks to Tamagirl#1 for teaching me to spell his name with 2 e's)<br><br>~Favourite websites~<br>TamaTalk<br>Quizilla<br><br>~Best Friends on TT~<br>Too many to count. You know who you are.<br><br>~Favourite...errr....STUFFED TOYS!~<br>Sooslik<br>Sealey<br>Matilda<br>Moosha<br>Snowy<br>Gemini<br>Krabba<br><br>~Favourite...ICE CREAM FLAVOURS!~<br>Mint<br>Choc Chip<br><br>~Catch Frases~<br>''OW!''<br>''Woah!''<br>''*Censored*''<br><br>~Personalityyyy~<br>Happy. And a little bit freaky.<br><br>And here is a poem for me by one of my amazing friends, Vivienne <333<br><br>KSENIA~<br><br>Carve a world, with broken hands,<br>Break this world, you'll give commands,<br>But I've been waiting for this core to divide,<br>Trace the moment onto paper, forever breakable.<br><br>Well, Ksenia, did you feel the sun go down?<br>It's colder now, the heartbreak's galloped out of town,<br>Like the invisible horseman, but superior still,<br>Write this moment into stone, never breaks at all.<br><br>~Looks~<br>5'6 [165cm] tall. 45kg. Brown eyes, long brown hair. Fringe. Pretty ;) [Well...thats for people to decide].<br><br>Oh, and didnt I tell you? Im a girl :)<br><br>Add me on MSN or I shall bite you. And tell me you're -BlahBlah- from TT.<br><br>Byeeee x3<br><br>(P.S. Umm....ZOMFGGG;;spazattakc;..';ohgyuss)

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  1. Omg. Yes. How did you guess? You are like, a stalker O: You are iCarly xD.
  2. Yeah. I just swallowed wool and Im feeling guilty for myself >.<
  3. ^Oooooooh. Last stupid thing i did was swallow some wool. Like, a little bit, but now my throat is itchy. Man Im dumb >.<
  4. ^ O: Yeah, milkonade is yum. Just like an energy drink...
  5. ^xD I made milkonade again and mum hated it cuz the milk and the lemonade make this gooey substance on the cup xD.
  6. Sharpay?? I read your sig. Mine: _se_ _a
  7. 4/10, hm, I dont like my life being wasted
  8. ^Rawr, I shall be tortured by everyone forever saying that I cant knit D: Swearing isnt good... Running too fast can cause my dear little head to hurt. I have a chunk of wax in my ear!! I really want a red elmo shirt and yellow skinny jeans ;D And, I am to lazy to write anything else.
  9. Yep. I said to my friend on MSN ''Zomfg'' and I told her that it has a bad word in it. Now I feel guilty for some reason cuz she didnt seem very happy about it.\ And, today I accidentally slapped some guy in the face. Yeahhhh...
  10. Moscow, Russia. Yeah, I havent been many places. Only ever been to: Adelaide, Australia [Where I live] Grampians, Australia [The hills in Victoria, Australia] Gold Coast, Australia [in Queensland] Moscow, Russia [Capital of Russia] Nizhny Novgorod, Russia [My grandparents' home]
  11. I have an Eee PC [Mini laptop] so i dont have the numbers on the right D: Argdamnit.
  12. My parents are divorced. They got divorced when I was 3. Now Im 11, and sorta over it although I dont really have a father figure in my life. Mum has a boyfriend, dad has a wife and they're both living very happy lives now. So Im not sad anymore. I live with my mum and see my dad every month or two. I do start missing him sometimes, but he's not really a true friend of mine. We've got nothing to talk about at all. All I do when I go to his house is play board games with him for like 15 mins, then he has to go and I just watch Foxtel [i think thats called Cable in America] all day. Its boring. I still remember the day that mum and him broke up, there was fighting and yelling everywhere. My cat got scared and ran outside and I ran out crying. My brother was playing video games, until my dad came into his room. This is what dad told my brother ''Come on son, lets go and leave mum to cry''. I still cant forgive him for that, and most likely never will. And, before they got divorced, my grandma and grandpa were gonna come and live here in Australia, a better country [They live in Russia at the moment]. But, as soon as mum and dad got divorced, the opportunity went BAM. The government started thinking that my mum would abandon them and then everything would go bad. I also cant forgive my dad for doing that. So, Ive been through it. Hard, but you get over it.