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  1. your banned because i took a poo on my friends tama go and said ... and your gonna ban me for saying poo
  2. Hey lets have a party tomorrow on tamatown EDITED TIME IT WAS REALLY 1:00 pm to 3 a clock
  3. my friends chuchutchi died then my friends other chuchutchi died and my shelltchi was best friends with them
  4. I seen this topic on tama talk before like last month and it won got you the secret instraments like wild guitar dream mic and mega drums
  5. I joined the contest and last year i got hacked about twice a week dunno what that means Dolphin girl that advice is preety good hey you know the person who made the generater um i think that if they fix it then we wont have to worry about this anymore
  6. that happend to me i didnt expect to be called an a.. h..e stupid eggs
  7. um thers twoo ways really trade your cd and give the item to his acc or trash it
  8. Ab2155 is dead im mad seriously my friend noticed i was off the friend list and i went on my alt for some tama go money and my dude was off that list too logged on to ab2155 and wait i cant log on ab2155 .he got deleted with 10 mill and 7 gold cds how nice I was mad i looked in the contest vote and i found myself EDIT: not sure it was him any way i have a preety decent alt just crappy cd got 10 mill and a pro house + crappy cd = people think i used generater last year to get a pro cd and money a trade over and over till got pro house.
  9. My friends tamago died

  10. i know the awnser for your second question it needs to be full which is 15 bars 1 for disiple 1 for clesning poo and four for catching him poo hope i helped ALOT
  11. your banned because stupid numbers in my head said ban him.
  12. youu can turn it off erase the debug marks the pencil i debugged my 4.5 and undebugged it alot i even found a temperarly debug drop water on the debug button and wait the night