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  1. Wait so the official release date for the TMGC Friends is July 11th? Just making sure!
  2. I found a little more information here! You can translate the page into English if you use Google Chrome! This is where the Polish Dekatamas will be located!
  3. I have had this problem with a well-used connection (I forget which version)! I took apart the tamagotchi and actually replaced the heavily used buttons with buttons from another Tamagotchi that I didn't care for. It worked great for me! I'm sure you could do that with an ancestor Tamagotchi. If you don't have any buttons to replace the old ones with, I would try looking on ebay for an ancestor Tamagotchi that no longer works, but the buttons appear to be in good condition. Then you can switch the buttons! I hope this helps!
  4. Comments are perfectly fine with me! I'm really bad at technical/code stuff, and I actually asked on my log if anyone knew how to change the size of photos! I hate how large they are! Is it done through the tinypic site? Thanks!
  5. So, quite a few things have been happening with my Tamagotchis but I (unfortunately) haven't been updating as these things occur. The first thing that happened was that I decided to stop running my angel. It was really sad because with "ancestor" Tamagotchis, when you remove the batteries you basically kill them and can't get them back. I feel really bad, but after I put away my angel I began to run one of my V3s! I named him Kai. Here is a picture of him after he first hatched: He later evolved into Mizutamatchi. I am aiming to get Hanatchi, so I have been taking poor/moderate care of him. Yesterday, he evolved into Piroriroritchi! I usually don't like the poor-care characters, but I have always been fond of this one! Kai is now two years old, so hopefully he will become an adult when he's three. My Pipotchi had a baby girl, and she and Kutchipatchi left the baby last night! Here she is: (I don't know why that picture is such poopy quality, but whatever). Just a few minutes ago, she evolved into Belltchi, just like her mom! I either want her to evolve into Lovelitchi or Makiko, but I haven't decided for sure yet! That's all I have for today
  6. Does anyone have tips for getting Hanatchi on a V3?

  7. So, keeping up with a daily log and working at the same time has been a bit harder than I expected. Anyway, my Pipotchi is now 7 years old, and got married yesterday to a cute little Kutchipatchi! (I apologize for my atrocious nail polish...) That's all that my Tamagotchi have been doing lately except for sleeping during the day or being on pause.. which is pretty sad. Today is my day off though so it should be better! My angel has been doing well, but I'm not sure if I want to continue running it. I am really enjoying it, but I kind of want something different. I decided to join this group hatch with a V3! I will probably take out the batteries from my angel when I hatch my V3. That's all for now! I'll update later if I hatch my V3 <3
  8. I would like to join! I know it's a bit late but I just saw this post. I want to hatch a V3!
  9. I have two Angelgotch and one has the butt with wings and the other has the rubber ducky! I don't think one is rarer than the other. I'm pretty sure Angelgotch were released in two waves, the first wave having icons similar to the P1/P2 and the second wave having icons specifically made for the Angelgotch (which would be the icons that had the butt with wings, bow and arrow, game star, etc.) I voted butt with wings because the angel I am running currently has that icon, and I prefer it because I think it's funny/cute
  10. It's funny how both of your best Tamagotchi experiences were with a pink icecream V3! Haha I remember when the V3 first came out that I was so excited for all of the new games and the TamaTown feature! I had some really good times with V3 as well
  11. Good morning! Since I didn't post any pictures from yesterday, here they are! Here is a cute picture of my Shelltchi: Shelltchi is one of my favorite teenage characters, so it was really nice to have her for a short period of time. Here is a photo of my Genji. I never thought I would like this character so much, but he's actually really cute! I think he is second-best to Kuriten. Today when I woke up, I found that Shelltchi had evolved into Pipotchi! I'm really sad that I didn't get Uwasatchi, but I really enjoy getting "ancestor" characters on newer Tamagotchi versions! I'm surprised that Pipotchi is even included in the Tama-go charcter list. She originally debuted on the Mesutchi Tamagotchi, and I used to get her on my Connection Version 3 Tamagotchis all the time! I must have taken worse care of my poor Shelltchi than I thought since I got one of the worst characters possible! Oh well. I'll be sure to take good care of her from here on out That's all for today~~~
  12. Does anyone know how to get Uwasatchi on a Tama-go?

    1. *Hayden*


      Bad to Horrible care, most likely

    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      She's REALLY hard to get XuX

      Neglect your character a lot I guess, but not enough to get Kunoitchi or something.

    3. BuddiLuvsYew


      I didn't think that I neglected her THAT much, but I got Pipotchi -_- oh well. Thanks for trying to help! <3


  13. So, today both of my Tamagotchis evolved! Belltchi evolved into Shelltchi and Kodoten evolved into Genjiro-tenshi! I'm a bit peeved because I was hoping for Kuriten, but I've never had Genjiro-tenshi before and he's actually really cute! His animations are adorable and he looks like he's dancing around on the screen I guess I have been taking better care of my Tama-go than I thought since I got Shelltchi. I thought I was taking really poor care of her but I guess that Tama-go's aren't as high maintenance as I thought. I'm excited for her to evolve tomorrow! I thought she would have evolved today since she turned two.. Her "friendship" level is pretty high so I'm going to make sure it drops a lot before she evolves tomorrow. I'm still hoping for Uwasatchi! I just used Google Translate to see what "Uwasa" means, and apparently it means rumor/gossip. I'm not sure what role Uwasatchi plays in the anime (if she is even in the anime..), but I thought that was interesting (and probably incorrect)! I took pictures of both of them today, but I am too exhausted to post them tonight. I'll post them tomorrow, I guess. Goodnight!
  14. Today I successfully neglected both of my Tamagotchis I un-paused them after work but was completely exhausted and fell asleep for a good two hours while they were left unattended. I don't mind neglecting my Tama-go because I'm planning on getting a "Bad care" character, but Kodoten went to sleep with a turd beside the bed and I am too tired to fix it. Oh well. I think he will be evolving into the adult stage tomorrow so I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Belltchi should be evolving tomorrow as well. No pictures for today