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  1. Christy10

    Neopets,Character Vote!

    I love all of them. They're all awesome!
  2. Christy10


    How could you guys say that? All the characters are awesome!
  3. Christy10

    My Tamagotchi Journal

    ^^^Anyways, I had to go to Safeway so I put Oreo on pause. He does look like an Oreo too! He's black and white! NOW: Oreo turned into a Marutchi!! Yay!!!
  4. Christy10

    My Tamagotchi Journal

    Tuesday, August 02 2005 Current Tamagotchi: Babytchi Tamagotchi Name: Oreo HE TURNED INTO A BOY. I HAVE TO GO I'LL POST MORE LATER. SORRY.
  5. Christy10

    Help With posting!

    Thanks! yay!!
  6. Christy10

    Help With posting!

  7. Christy10

    Help With posting!

    Please help! I want to get colored text.
  8. Christy10

    Growth chart

    Try looking on google.
  9. Christy10

    Help With posting!

    I know how to get font like this to work But how do you get the colors to work? Thanks!
  10. Christy10

    my avatar

    I like your avatar. Do you like mine?
  11. Christy10

    Neopets Usernames

  12. Christy10

    Favourite Ancestor

    Never seem them, So I just picked other.
  13. Christy10

    Who wants me to look at their lookup?

    Mine is missmagoo92 Also, you can't have more than 4 neopets.
  14. Christy10

    Neopets Freebies

    Cool! Thanks so much! My Aisha now has pyrimidbread and 2,000 more neopoints! *hugs you* Thanks so much again!!
  15. Christy10

    GAMES!!! LOOK!!!

    So you could wash it Why do I like this website?