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  1. Dude yessss. I love running man. but anyways.. i guess... my own craziness? the inside jokes with my best friend... etc :^)
  2. My friend's brother. He's a sophomore and I'm a junior, but the only problem I have with that is that it's not likely for me to have any classes with him :/ (BTW I haven't been on this site in yearssss....) I feel so old :B
  3. InuYasha Sesshomaru (from InuYasha) Bankotsu (from InuYasha) Miroku (from InuYasha) Itachi (from Naruto) Kakashi (from Naruto) Naruto Shikamaru (from Naruto) Gaara (from Naruto) Rock Lee (from Naruto) Okazaki Tomoya (from Clannad) Akio Furukawa (from Clannad) "L" (from Death Note) Matsuda (from Death Note) Usui Takumi (from kaicho wa maid sama) Kei Takishima (from Special A) Yahiro (from Special A)
  4. Yeah that episode where she was trying to help Naruto against Pein was sad because to me it really did look like she was going to die because I remember Pein did something and I was just sure she was dead but good thing she didn't die
  5. Yeah that does happen but I found it kind of sad that she also killed that girl, she did tell the boys about her dog, but she didn't want anything bad to happen (pretty stupid of her though)
  6. Clannad And I also cried in Elfen Lied, especially when those stupid little boys were murdering that poor dog that drove me crazy!!!!
  7. Edward (from twilight ) InuYasha (from InuYasha obviously) Sesshomaru (from InuYasha) Bankotsu (from InuYasha) Miroku (from InuYasha) Sasuke (from Naruto) Itachi (from Naruto) Kakashi (from Naruto) Sort of Naruto (from Naruto, duhh) Shikamaru (from Naruto) Gaara (from Naruto) Diedara (from Naruto) Okazaki Tomoya (from Clannad) Akio Furukawa (from Clannad) "L" (from Death Note) Matsuda (from Death Note) Teru Mikami (from Death Note) Usui Takumi (from kaicho wa maid sama) Kei Takishima (from Special A) Yahiro (from Special A) Kind of long and I may have forgotten some...
  8. I really like it. There are *some* parts that I don't understand like when they talk about complicated things going on with other villages, but I at least get the main point of everything and even though there were a lot of fillers, I enjoyed watching most of them. and it is kind of irritating when the fights last like 20 episodes or something >.< but other than that, naruto is a 9/10 for me!
  9. Animes I have watched: InuYasha - this anime is very dear to me , I remember first watching it with my cousin at like 8 or 9 years old (I'm now 13) because my cousin watched it, and I had only watched like the first 3 episodes. I remembered about it at the beginning of this year, so I started watching it (since I didn't understand it much when I was younger) and then I just fell in love and I truly got into anime. Elfen lied - very interesting and funny and sad Naruto - I'm obviously still not finished, since not even the manga is finished!!! (damnnn.. kind of long) but I love it Death note - very awesome I love "L" <3 Clannad - this made me cry the most, it was funny more at first, and very cute, but it got sad, then happy again!! Zaicho wa Maid sama - Love this! I love usui, he's so awesome *_* Special A - very beginning was a bit strange (they're so skinny!!) but it got a lot better later on. I started reading the manga since I found out that the anime covered veryyyyy little of the manga but I'm enjoying the manga (even though at times it's confusing trying to read since it's kind of "messy" ... I don't know how to explain it >.<) I love all the animes I've watched so far and I don't know if Avatar; the last airbender counts as anime? it was like the best show on nick!!! very good , I enjoyed it and I also use to watch some Pokemon, and Dragonball Z , and digimon, and Yu gi oh , and things like that
  10. have you shipped the tamagotchis yet?

  11. Hi, could you please delete some of your messages so i can PM you about your tama's for sale, Thanks : )

  12. I heard a rumor that you might have one for sale? I really wanna buy one. =o