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  1. Dude yessss. I love running man. but anyways.. i guess... my own craziness? the inside jokes with my best friend... etc :^)
  2. My friend's brother. He's a sophomore and I'm a junior, but the only problem I have with that is that it's not likely for me to have any classes with him :/ (BTW I haven't been on this site in yearssss....) I feel so old :B
  3. InuYasha Sesshomaru (from InuYasha) Bankotsu (from InuYasha) Miroku (from InuYasha) Itachi (from Naruto) Kakashi (from Naruto) Naruto Shikamaru (from Naruto) Gaara (from Naruto) Rock Lee (from Naruto) Okazaki Tomoya (from Clannad) Akio Furukawa (from Clannad) "L" (from Death Note) Matsuda (from Death Note) Usui Takumi (from kaicho wa maid sama) Kei Takishima (from Special A) Yahiro (from Special A)
  4. Yeah that episode where she was trying to help Naruto against Pein was sad because to me it really did look like she was going to die because I remember Pein did something and I was just sure she was dead but good thing she didn't die
  5. Yeah that does happen but I found it kind of sad that she also killed that girl, she did tell the boys about her dog, but she didn't want anything bad to happen (pretty stupid of her though)
  6. Clannad And I also cried in Elfen Lied, especially when those stupid little boys were murdering that poor dog that drove me crazy!!!!
  7. Edward (from twilight ) InuYasha (from InuYasha obviously) Sesshomaru (from InuYasha) Bankotsu (from InuYasha) Miroku (from InuYasha) Sasuke (from Naruto) Itachi (from Naruto) Kakashi (from Naruto) Sort of Naruto (from Naruto, duhh) Shikamaru (from Naruto) Gaara (from Naruto) Diedara (from Naruto) Okazaki Tomoya (from Clannad) Akio Furukawa (from Clannad) "L" (from Death Note) Matsuda (from Death Note) Teru Mikami (from Death Note) Usui Takumi (from kaicho wa maid sama) Kei Takishima (from Special A) Yahiro (from Special A) Kind of long and I may have forgotten some...
  8. I really like it. There are *some* parts that I don't understand like when they talk about complicated things going on with other villages, but I at least get the main point of everything and even though there were a lot of fillers, I enjoyed watching most of them. and it is kind of irritating when the fights last like 20 episodes or something >.< but other than that, naruto is a 9/10 for me!
  9. Animes I have watched: InuYasha - this anime is very dear to me , I remember first watching it with my cousin at like 8 or 9 years old (I'm now 13) because my cousin watched it, and I had only watched like the first 3 episodes. I remembered about it at the beginning of this year, so I started watching it (since I didn't understand it much when I was younger) and then I just fell in love and I truly got into anime. Elfen lied - very interesting and funny and sad Naruto - I'm obviously still not finished, since not even the manga is finished!!! (damnnn.. kind of long) but I love it Death note - very awesome I love "L" <3 Clannad - this made me cry the most, it was funny more at first, and very cute, but it got sad, then happy again!! Zaicho wa Maid sama - Love this! I love usui, he's so awesome *_* Special A - very beginning was a bit strange (they're so skinny!!) but it got a lot better later on. I started reading the manga since I found out that the anime covered veryyyyy little of the manga but I'm enjoying the manga (even though at times it's confusing trying to read since it's kind of "messy" ... I don't know how to explain it >.<) I love all the animes I've watched so far and I don't know if Avatar; the last airbender counts as anime? it was like the best show on nick!!! very good , I enjoyed it and I also use to watch some Pokemon, and Dragonball Z , and digimon, and Yu gi oh , and things like that
  10. Well I have like 4 friends, not that many, but enough. One of them I've known since 2nd grade but she goes to a different school now and she is changing so I don't know about her ;-; One of them goes to my school but has none of our classes, not even lunch! And one of them is in most of our classes except homeroom and 4th period. And finally my best friend has all my classes! Even homeroom and we are both Assistants for the same place So that's great~ We don't have lockers, only for PE we have lockers which aren't that great. I wish we did have lockers because I hate carrying around a heavy backpack all day and stuff. It's not that clean, but not that dirty either, it's pretty normal actually :/ A lot of people are a** holes though and just think they are cool for acting dumb and it's so stupid. And then my science teacher freakin' assigns so much homework and we barely started school and it's annoying and she already gave us a science test for one of the chapters. I don't like her. She is always changing her mind on things and getting confused and I can't understand her that well! She like says what the homework is but then she's like "never mind don't do this or do this instead" and I come back the next and it ends up both things are due and she is so confusing! That woman needs to make up her mind.
  11. I seriously hoped I was going to win.. but whatever! Congrats to the winners!
  12. An iPod touch is the ultimate gift You could get like 2nd gen 8gb, or more depending on how much stuff you like, or if you want a cheaper one you can settle with a 1st gen 8 gb which is the smallest you can go. But any ipod touch that is in good working condition is awesome
  13. How come at the beginning it says 'Sylis smiled at Angel'? Isn't it supposed to be Seth xD?
  14. Well not much happened to me but my brother's friends truck broke down xD Hahaha... Sucks for him >
  15. No. And I can't get in trouble for making a post that has less than three words. This has like more than twenty words now.
  16. Well only the left side of my mouth has wisdom teeth, is that normal? I can feel a bit of a tooth coming out from the top right side but the bottom one hasn't shown any signs or anything I hope that's not weird xD
  17. I started school today on August 11th.. and boy so much drama happened for me *_* Like in 6th grade I applied for ASB and got in but then later dropped out, but for some reason my schedule still said ASB on it so I was confused. When I got to my homeroom which I also wasn't supposed to be in because it was for ASB people, the teacher kept staring at me like I did something wrong (he was like 85% joking around) but I still didn't like it because then everyone else stared and I turned red. And then he made me go to the office and randomly tells me that I'm a TA for 4th period and I was like "...excuse me?" so I went to the office and filled out an application that wasn't even necessary because I was getting it anyways and now I'm a TA for the school office and it seems easy.. hopefully it's an easy A for me I get my own little desk and stuff it's kind of cool xD But I'm nervous and hopefully nothing weird happens
  18. I already went school shopping, but I would like some new clothes. But clothes that I choose for once because I always tell my mom to take me with her and let me choose my clothes or at least have a say in what she buys but she still goes off and buys these unnecessarily fancy clothes that were expensive and I don't even like and she gets mad at me!
  19. You never continued D: And I don't have any ideas to give you sorry
  20. Well, I'm excited and nervous about going back to school on August 11th My friend and I have different home rooms so I'm nervous about starting out the day differently, and I might get lost because I have 6 teachers, not 4 this time. So I need to make a map and I am going to make it beautiful~ Or atleast I'll try to make it nice I'm excited that I have my favorite teacher again and also for homeroom and I will start out my day with a cool teacher
  21. I got mine pierced when I was a baby... so I don't remember the pain Well I don't really wear them that much but I have these diamond earrings in my drawer that were like 160 dollars I feel bad for not wearing them DD : I'm so meannnn
  22. Yeah I agree with like everyone's answers So only wear makeup that can help cover blemishes, you don't want to look like this girl at my school that we call the Joker... Shave because you are most likely going to be wearing shorts for PE as well and well yeah I have curlyish hair too but I just put it in a ponytail because it's poofy : ( Mine isn't exactly curly yet but it will be when I'm older, so if you're hair is like frizzy or poofy you should get something that will ease the frizz or like leave in conditioner to make your hair look nice Ugh I think that you should try and eat healthy (I'm NOT saying you eat bad or anything ;_ but sometimes acne is cause by being like unhealthy and eating lots of fatty foods ( Like I do except I don't have acne yet..) and you should wash your face with those vibrating scrubber things that you see in commercials (they look fun... ) and use something like proactive : ) I'm going into 7th grade so I'm not that much of an expert but I'm just saying from recent experience
  23. I do live in the USA My idea is to create a short tamagotchi commercial for a tamagotchi! It can be for a made up tamagotchi that you create yourself or for the Tama-Go since it is very new! It can be done with things like powerpoint, but it can't have real people in it like you or friends or family since that wouldn't be very good. It should have animations and be colorful and everyone should just go all out! The commercial should be like a certain amount of time and if you use powerpoint or windows movie maker it should be a certain amount of slides I hope this isn't an idea that has already been used ;_; If it is I am sorry...
  24. brunotchi got his Angel! It came faster than I expected since the money order he sent took a week xD