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  1. Is is possible to buy the tamagotchi color plus if you reside in the usa. This is assuming that the date of purchase would be shortly after november 22, 2008.
  2. Will the Tamagotchi v5.5 (the next one) be out by jaunuary??? The middle of jaunuary???
  3. 1.How many eggs do you get when you first start? 2. How do you know what gender they will be? Is it random? 3. Can they all turn into the same character (adult) in the first generation? 4. Are their no parents in the first generation? 5. Can you get teens and babies in the 2nd generation? 6. Do your tama evolve in the other generations? 7. How does your tama get to the 3rd generation? 8. How many tamas can be on one screen at once?
  4. When you go to the travel channel to pause does your tama get unhappy and hungry and everything??? Cause I was reading somewhere that it does if you leave it to long or something.