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    I was still quite young when I aquired a taste<br>For anything odd and rather displaced,<br>And I suppose I can still be like that now.<br>Because I don't drive and I try not to drink,<br>But it's just some nights I can't seem to think,<br>And day by day I seem to lose myself a bit more.<br>Sometimes people do the strangest things,<br>I can not write and I try not to sing,<br>I've been waiting so long for a first-class hospital bed. <br><br>My sister says I'm doing fine,<br>My mother says I could do better,<br>I'm still waiting for them to find me lying here. <br><br>But I'm not sure if I'm up to waiting another year. <br><br>I was told in a dream I could do something,<br>But I would have to wait until I let you know.<br><br>I suppose I should just go home. <br><br>My friends laughed and said I'd be okay,<br>As I waited there for another day,<br>Sarah smiled and told me it would be all right. <br>So as of now I'm fine. <br><br>Nobody remembers the day I was born,<br>Because it wasn't filmed and I can't preform<br>Any mportant event taking place that day.<br>I suppose it's not that urgent anyway. <br><br>With laughs we'll remember the way words slip,<br>At least according to the script,<br>I left on the nightstand for their benefit. <br><br>In scene one, my best friend is in shock,<br>And so are they, or so they thought,<br>Because one dramatic scene won't be enough. <br><br>I'm still waiting here today,<br>The car outside is miles away,<br>And everybody's left to see a casket without you.<br><br>I guess I should too.<br><br>But hospitals are overrated,<br>The music on the radio is outdated,<br>I'm not used to being this alone.<br><br>I'm not ready to go home. <br><br>I'm still sleeping here, back to the tile,<br>And I'll still be here, waiting for a while, <br>So if you're still coming, I'm still waiting for you. <br><br>You still miss the kid lying in his bed,<br>Hanging on the words you could have said, <br>And I guess I do to. <br>And I'd like to tell you he does too.<br><br>KILLING CHICAGO.<br><br>Star-crossed dancers,<br>With dialating eyes,<br>Cut across the city streets,<br>Dressed in their best lies.<br><br>I read in the newpaper,<br>The moon hung hinself over Chicago today,<br>The wind won't blow here any more,<br>For over us he stays.<br><br>Pardon me while I fall in love,<br>I'm selling my soul on the streets,<br>Passers-by click their heels on wet stone,<br>But really, do they see?<br><br>Kodak can't do him justice,<br>You can't even see his tears,<br>Behind his beautiful smile and clenched teeth,<br>He locks away his fears.<br><br>I'll write your name on paper,<br>And throw it into the city's fire,<br>I'll forget you, but don't worry, we know,<br>I've always been a liar.<br><br>The moon's eyes grow closer,<br>And his breath cuts across your face,<br>As the dead man whispers through the air,<br>About how there won't be wind in this place.<br><br>I heard the moon hung himself over Chicago yesterday,<br>And he watched killers take a chance,<br>The last of us will fall dead with the city,<br>But as of now we dance.<br><br><br><br>Forgetting Brendon.x<br><br>Don't forget to think of me while you're away,<br>I would never have said goodbye if I ever thought you'd stay.<br><br>The speakers are my friends,<br>Even when your voice comes through,<br>We're far away, but I still look at the stars,<br>And I wonder if you're looking too.<br><br>Even when I look in the mirror, I only see your face,<br>Did you know you never left me, even after you left this place?<br><br>Chicago was never this far away,<br>But Honey, we knew the cost,<br>We know exactly what we should have done,<br>But somehow I'm still lost.<br><br>Paper birds,<br>Empty lies,<br>Do you remember all of those names listing?<br>Glass rain,<br>Grey skies,<br>Do you remember the day you went missing?<br><br>The twenty-fifth of January.<br>We wrote it down so we'd always know,<br>Rain falls faster when I'm alone,<br>But if you must, you can go.<br><br>Take a photograph of the way things were last November,<br>Because no matter what happens, We Will Remember.<br><br><br>WE WILL REMEMBER.<br><br><br>It was interesting how they would dance,<br>As the small girl played the beautiful song,<br>They were silently dodging through romance,<br>Although they may have forgotten how long.<br><br>They will move through time that will always pass,<br>Even after they dance past their own hearse,<br>In a sanctuary that cannot last,<br>You must know that their love always is fierce.<br><br>We don't know how they dance without a tear,<br>Nor how their feet can still step through in time,<br>Though they are surrounded by their own fear,<br>They don't let each other's thoughts be confined.<br><br>Lest they forget those fate-wrenching days,<br>Not even now, as together they sway.

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  1. Danny Stevens from The Audition. [:
  2. Michaelaa. That made me really happy to see. You've been my inspiration to keep writing, even when I feel like throwing my pen across the room. I love you.
  3. Mr.Brightside : The name I was presented with when I burst onto the scene. That makes no sense whatsoever, so whatever. It's a song. A good one. Avatar : Spencer Reid, whom I love. Signature : Criminal Minds quotes [: <3
  4. I like Tomorrow, Sarahmae, Violet, Ryan, John. Some more I can't think of.
  5. I love it. And Iggy. I read it when I was ten or eleven. A while ago xD
  6. Internet memes are inside jokes. That you share with the rest of the internet.
  7. I failed a semester of English last year out of laziness. Which is strange, because writing is a burning passion of mine.
  8. Lately I've been living off Ramen cup noodles, the sushi packages from Publix, popcorn, bagels with cream cheese, and cherry Diet Coke. That's like... It. xD
  9. Dressing up and being creepy and putting on a character in general. And being out at night and getting candy. And partaking in tomfoolery 8D
  10. Kinda. But there are lots of groups. I kinda mesh in with a few. From what I know, there are The Skanky Popular Girls, The Less-Skanky Popular Girls, The Hollister Boyz, The Druggies, The Theatre Kids, The Super Piano/Band Kids, The Super Duper Tech Kids, The Artsy Kids, The Kids Who Try Way Too Hard To Be 'Scene', The Kids Who Try Way Too Hard To Be The Popular Children, The Athletic Kids, The So-Smart-It-Makes-Teachers-Nervouse Kids, The Kids That Thinks Everyone Loves Them But Everyone Hates Them Because They Think Everyone Loves Them Even Though Everyone Hates Them And They Refuse To Let A Thought Like That Pass Through Their Heads, And so on. Ah, highschool. But it's not too dictative. It's not as bad as it was in middle school. Middle school was just stupid xD Now we're nore civilized, thank goodness.