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  1. I wear fake nails, a pair I got today have white tips and black and silver streaks on them. ;P
  2. I've made my own scarf, and I'm still working on something (I think I'm making a cats blanket next) I'm slowly learning crochecting And I sew craft stuff Also I do shirt cutting and jewelry making
  3. I personally don't like hir. (I absolutely HATE the song "Grow a Pair"... you might know why.)
  4. Uh I dressed up as Sailor Jupiter for Halloween, does that count? (I was in like, third grade)
  5. Eh. Kinda. I love school, I just hate the people there.
  6. I don't really approve of self piercing, but I hope you used a hollow piercing needle that is the correct gauge, and autoclaved it.
  7. I don't know. I doubt it. I mean I can get pregnant if I want, but it's too scary for me.
  8. I got all excited thinking you were talking about the drum corps The Cadets... Oops. And I doubt this belongs in Seriously NonTT, because SNTT is about serious issues {i.e. eating disorders and the like)
  9. Because TT won't let me edit my post.. -0ga rainbow plugs -6ga marble plugs (yes, my ears shrunk from 2ga to 6ga! ) -8ga jade green plug
  10. Uh at the moment.. -0ga black plugs with pink leopard colorfront (I'm so manly, right?) - I'm trying to shrink my second holes down to at least 4ga... - 6ga marble plug
  11. I love the shrimp and lime flavor, but I can't really eat it due to health problems. :\
  12. I don't really understand what you're asking but.. -Put the brightness setting down low -Use the 'energy saver' -Don't play games/apps/ -If listening to your music, don't adjust it alot.
  13. Lol why did you let it go back? And right now... My lobes are at 0ga, I kinda wanna tape them up to 00ga.. (goal is 4") My second holes are someplace between 2ga and 0ga. I think 1ga (goal is 1/2 of an inch) My third hole is still at 6ga. ;_; (goal is 00 or smaller)
  14. Ahaha, thank you. :3 5mm is about 6ga, if I'm correct, and you should start with 1mm/14ga. Plus when stretching from sizes like 8 to 6,and 2 to 0 you should use PTFE tape (I found some at K-Mart for like less than five bucks, adn I'm sure you could find some at Lowe's or whatnot) because they're 2mm jumps and you could rip your ear that way! And trust me, stretching IS addictive. I just want something pierced just to stretch it again. O:
  15. I'm sorry if I am 'bumping' but... I got new pinchers o; Lobes: 0ga 2nds: 2ga 3rd: 6ga And sorry for the big picture and the watermark, I'm just paranoid someone will steal my pictures... ._.