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  1. Hey,

    I tried the the links for your TamaTown Code Generator, but none seem to be working. Any chance I can get the PHP source ( you wrote so I can setup a mirror?



  2. Thank you tamadude156! I tried to update the first post of this thread (to strike-out the non-working link and add the links to your mirrors), so anyone could find them without having to read the whole thread, but for some reason I can't edit the post, there's no "edit" button... maybe a moderator can do something about that?
  3. It seems the web host where I have the script files hosted is having problems. The V4 & V4.5 script doesn't show the "Generate Passwords" button, and the V3 script doesn't load at all. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do because it's the host's fault. The script files are available in this thread (link in this post), so if you want, you can upload them to a web host of your choice, or even run them locally in your own computer. They will run in any http server with PHP support.
  4. I also uploaded the source to savefile, you can get it from there as well:
  5. Ara ara Sorry, I've been busy lately. Here's the source code: About the copyright thing, as far as I'm concerned you can do whatever you want with that code. It's really simple, the hard part (D-Best's work) was already done. Oh, except for the load function, which I found on the net. There are proper credits for that function in the code. Have fun
  6. Well, maybe it's because the list is full How many items do you have? Try to free space by using some items, or sending them as gifts, or throwing them away.
  7. It's working fine for me. There are no letters in the item codes, only in the logout password. If the generator itself does not work, it can be because: -The TamaTown official site is down (it's rare but it can happen). -The webhost where the script is running is down (it's a free host so it can happen). In either case, try again a while later. If an item code does not work, it can be because: -You mistyped your password in the generator. -You mistyped the item password in the tama. -Your tama does not yet meet the conditions to get that item. Make sure your passwords are written correctly, and that you input them in the right menu on your tama. Also, check if your tama can really get the item you want (Is it old enough? Second / third generation at least? Donated enough points? and so on).
  8. I updated the V4 script: now the 5 travel tickets are labeled by destination so you know which one is which.
  9. The design of the V5 shell I used was the ninja design (the one that came with a Gozarutchi charm) so I thought it would be appropiate to mod it to be stealthy I'd like to make one completely black (black buttons and everything) with the LED on top of the screen. BEWARE: BOOORING TECHNICAL DETAILS FOLLOW I placed the circuit board and screen of a V4 inside the shell of a V5 (very easy because it just fits, simply had to take them apart and put them together again). I cut off the chimney of the V5 housing, then filed and polished the edges of the hole, and filled it with epoxy putty. When dry I took out the piece of putty, cut it in half, and filed a small round hole between both halves for the LED. Glued each half of the piece to each half of the shell, then sanded and polished (turns out I should have polished it more, it still looks a bit rough) and painted with black enamel model paint, which is suited for this because it won't rub off and stain your fingers or clothes. Then I soldered 2 wires to the same points in the circuit board where the speaker wires are soldered, figured out the polarity (which one was + and which -) and soldered the LED to the end of the wires. Last, I cut and filed off a hole in the back of the shell to place the switch and glued it in place. I cut one of the wires coming from the circuit board to the speaker, and soldered the switch in between. Sorta like this: Before: (+)----------------(+) | | CIRCUIT BOARD | |SPEAKER | | (-)----------------(-) After: (+)--O----SWITCH---(+) | |____ | CIRCUIT BOARD | ____|LED |SPEAKER | | | (-)--O-------------(-) All the wire joints were properly isolated with heatshrink tubing.
  10. As I said, here's my tama: I'm linking the other thread to keep this one on topic.
  11. I've wanted to post this here for a while but never got around to do it. I had some time today so here it is: View the mod in YouTube Sorry for the lame video quality and lack of audio. The video was taken with a digital photo camera and it didn't capture the sound. The LED is on the side where the chimney-antenna was, because 1) I already had a hole there, and 2) that way I can put the tama sideways in a shirt pocket or a pencil case and have only the corner with the warning light sticking out. If I get my hands on a clear shell, this time I'll put the LED completely inside the shell, just above the screen, so the light can be seen from all angles through the case. And maybe use a different color LED, green, yellow or blue, for example.
  12. It should work every time. Make sure that you input your username and passwords right, both in the generator and in your tamagotchi, and that you meet all the conditions needed to get the item you want (for example in V4s you shouldn't be able to get the SCEPTER if you haven't donated enough points to the Tama King, or the GRADUATION CAPE if your character hasn't graduated from school).
  13. I'd get an V4. To me it feels like Bandai took away too many of the good features on the V4 (the school/jobs, the mail, age/weight display, connectivity to previous versions) and added too few new features, and poorly executed: -On the V5 you raise 3 characters at once and have them on screen at the same time. BUT you can't select which one you want to feed, clean or play games with. -The screen has more resolution and the contrast can now be adjusted. BUT even adjusting the contrast, the screen is a lot harder to see. -You get to name the family at first. BUT you can't name each individual character nor name the children in later generations. -The pause feature is still there. BUT it's now hidden and activating it is too time-consuming. -There is a new stat to raise, the "Bonds percentage". BUT there are no skill points. IMHO the V5 strays too much from traditional Tamagotchis. Bandai shouldn't have called it "V5", instead they should have left it at "Familitchi" or "FamiTama" (like the TamaSuku).
  14. OK, today my tama got sick, I tried to input a password for one of those items that get eaten right away... I couldn't even access the "baseball-bat" menu, I just got an error beep when I tried. Still have to try it when it has a toothache, though.