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    Wistfully, a utopic novel...MS seems dystopic.
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    Eh, I've obtained too many half-formed hobbies and interests over the year. </3 I hate being fickle. xD<br><br>Reading, role-playing, singing, watching anime, listening to music, and acting are things that I do the most frequently, though role-playing has gone onto the back burner in recent times...should probably pick up at Christmas since there's an influx there and since by then people are used to school there's plenty of activity...I'm trying with all my might to get into Tamagotchis again and succeeding somewhat. I won't bother to list all the things I'd like to be 'into' again.<br><br>/rambling

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  1. Oh yeah, I've done that a few times. x] Silly me. The screen goes black, but all you have to do is put it in an air-conditioned room for an hour or so. Or putting it in a fridge for 5 minutes works just as well.
  2. I don't care about expressing myself through clothes. I express myself through my actions, not the stuff on my body. I wear uniforms. I hated going to a public school, because they didn't allow you to wear your pajamas to school...but I so would if I could. And I did, but they said "show some respect and get dressed!". Detention is no fun, so I just grudgingly bought some clothes. Eeew. I got teased because of the fact that I just wore t-shirts and shorts. I didn't particularly CARE, but it got really annoying after a while. lol, that was so a lie. I did care. I cared about whatever they were poisoning their minds with--thinking that clothes made the person and if you didn't wear the "right" stuff you sucked. I sort of pity people who think like that. x]
  3. I thought both ways were fine. o_0 Huh. Oh well. Callin' it mayn-ga anyway.
  4. I'm not saying you are a hardcore fan. x] I don't barely read manga, I'm an anime person, but everyone I know who does read manga call it mahn-ga. So I was thinking "well, maybe bigger fans call it mahn-ga for some reason" and made this poll. I was wrong.
  5. DemonSlayer: I edited that out, what I said the first time didn't make any sense on a second read. That's not what I'm saying. I'm just asking what other people called it. :/ I was wondering if the more hardcore fans pronounced it MAHN-ga.
  6. That's not how I define otaku. I don't use it as an insult/passively poking a mental illness like some people do. I use it as describing someone who loves anime/manga much more than your average fan.
  7. Well, I always thought "manga" was said "MAYN-ga". ...but then I met some crazy-obsessed otakus who call it "MAHN-ga". It's acceptable to say it both ways, but now I'm wondering. How do YOU say "manga"? If you say "manga" some other way, please post. I'm interested in what other way there is to say it. x] I thought was the most reasonable place to put this, sorry if it's in the wrong place. EDIT: Capitalization error. Ahhh!
  8. I've been making houses and such for my Tamas for 3-4 years. :] I knitted little soft beds and blankets (obviously I have too much time on my hands x]). It's fun decorating the shoebox, too. Very fun. I strongly suggest doing it on some off-day where you don't have much to do.
  9. I live in Southeast US (Mississippi), and the prices here are around $15 for a V5, $20 for a V5 Celebrity, $11 for V3-V4.5, and whatever comes up on ebay for V1s and V2s. :]
  10. The first anime I watched was Naruto a year ago. I despised it. x] I had no idea what anime was before then, even with my online obsession of 4 years. (Which is EXTREMELY odd). I was asked if I had seen it, so I googled it and started watching it. I got to the third season before the cheesiness, awful characters, and repetitive, boring plot got to me. Then I watched Death Note. Yes, there is hope for the psychological thrillers with Death Note's popularity. Yay. EDIT: Character? Umm..Naruto? x]
  11. I think, like with the V1 Connection, it'll start back extremely popular in...I don't know, 5 years? I mean, they're popular now but '04 was most definitely the most popular year, aside from '97. I bet they'll recreate Tamagotchis that are bigger, in color, have a touch screen, have much better graphics, lots of interesting features, and such. And then in a year they'll die out again, like '05, but Bandai will make a ton of other versions. Tamagotchi Touch. Hehe. X] I doubt they'll ever stop being popular in Japan, at least not for a good long while.
  12. Take it off the USB and reset it. For most models you press the 'menu' button and the 'select' button together for five seconds, the screen goes to the apple logo, lights back up, and comes back on. Then try charging it.
  13. I'm wearin' my school uniform, and about to put on my pajamas. ;D I VERY, VERY rarely wear "real clothes"--uniforms and pajamas. Yep. And my pajamas usually consist of a oversized t-shirt advertising some sort of beer, festival, school, restaraunt, bar, etc, and oversized flannel pajama pants with...Snoopy or some character on them. And the uniform I'm wearing right now (we have some choices!) is my blue Polo and my red and blue plaid skirt. We have red Polos (with the school logo instead of the Polo logo, lawl), blue Polos (same as red), and white button-down blouses for shirts, and a navy pleated skort (that people wear verrry short) or the plaid more full skirt, which can be worn verrry short as well. ;D Yeeep.
  14. Monster. And Paranoia Agent. And Death Note! Whee! I'm surprised you didn't put Death Note on there--you'd think, with all of its popularity...