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  1. Hi. Welcome to Tamatalk! Reffering to your question, the only way to get them married is connect around 40 times. They get married by themselves, so when they connect at some point, they will get married automaticly.
  2. I'm so excited that it's 2011, but I have to get back to school on Monday. ):

    1. +[ b r u t a l ]+

      +[ b r u t a l ]+

      So do I... Awww. ;A;

  3. I'm not really sure when the shop restocks( All I know is 3:00 and when your tama wakes up), but have you been pausing your Tamago alot? Your Violetchi and Woolitchi should have their baby by tommarow
  4. Anybody started their New Year's countdown yet?

  5. I can't wait for tonight! I'm starting my 8 gen :3

  6. bologe Def. A drawing of a bow erily
  7. Whats Wrong With ME? Im sick! *cough cough* ou hear me right. Ahem! Now onto the real storyline! --------------- The next day ... .. ... Justice: AHHH! IN ORANGE! ... ... ... Justice; Oh, im Memetchi. :D ----------- School: Ms. Perfect: Why hello everybody! Class: Good morning! Ms. Perfect does attendance* Rinng rinnnnnnnng! Mametchi: Well that's the bell! *A Kuchipatchi rushes in* Kuchipatchi: Im sorry im late! *sits down* Justice: *whispers to makkio who sits next to her* Is that..? Makkio: *whisper* Yes, it is. Justice: oH mY gOsH. ------------------------- Playtime/recess Will: So um hi? Do I have to introduce myself again-chi? Justice: No, happen you dont. Will: Well >.< um... I um.... like... Justice: Mudkip...? Will: No, heck no. I Justice: *turns red* I agree. Will: Really!? Justice: Do I have to repeat myself? Will: No. So as the days went on, Will and Justice...are greater than friends. Then, the day they were 7 'years' old, they got married. :3 \o/
  8. Okay so.. Andrew had a little girland- Hi, Im Justice and I have a curl and an orange body! IM MEMETCHI! Gotta love girls with curls. (hey that rhymes) So at Tama school today... Just is Justice's nickname. As a teen (Shelltchi) Justice: First day, Hooray..? *walks into classroom* No ones there, expect for the Teacher, Mr. TurdlePedia. Justice: Hello? Mr Turtlepedia? Mr.Turtlepedia: Huh? Oh, didn't expect someone arivving this early. Whats your name, lass? Justice: It's um... Justice. My owner told me to arrive at the classroom immidently after checking my locker, so, yeah. Mrr.Turtlepedia: Well well. You seat is right here. *Justice sits down and takes out a math sheet out of backpack, start working on it* Mr. Turtlepedia: Whats that, now? Justice: Um well my owner said, "Work on your times tables in your free time. Definitly." And here I am, working on- *A Kikitchi walks in* Kikitchi: Mr Turtlepedia! Mr Turtlepedia: Yes, Will, what is it? Will: Um, Ms. Perfect told me to get Justice from Mr. Turtlepedia's classroom for switching classes. Mr. Turtlepedia: Oh, then. Justice, you may go with Will. Justice: Yes sir. *both turn out of the classroom* Will: Well, Hi. I'm will. Justice: Im Justice. Will: I'm sure youll have fun in Ms. Perfect's class room, she is perfect! Justice: Well it's kind of weird that a Teen, like me, would move classrooms in a matter of minutes! Will: Yeah, I argee.. ------------------- At Lunch Justice: a day of being a nobody has sure been good so far. I wonder why there's no Memetchi in Ms. Perfect's class? Will: I wonder why, too. Justic: AHH! Oh, it's just you! Heh heh heh. XD And so, that day continueing on, Will and Justice became friends. But when Justice evolves into a Memetchi and Will becomes a Kuchipatchi, will they be torn apart? Tune in for Pt. 2!
  9. That I have Christmas break starting on the 21st. :/
  10. I dont know why, but I just tried connecting my Tama-go to my TV remote. You know what happens? The Tamagotchi says "Fail". I hope it doesnt ruin anything......

  11. OH HELLO CICI'S LOG VIEWER IM ANDREW AND THE CAPS LOCK IS STUCK AND I MET A USWATCHI AND SHE IS CUTE SO I MARRIED HER AND CICI IS GOING TO HAVE A BUSY WEEKEND- HERE'S WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN: *Cici takes over the computer* The things that are happening: Saturday: -Going out Sunday: Birthday Party Friend and her lil sis coming over Sunday evening, staying until Thrusday... BUT DONT WORRY! I'll have a long post on Thrusday about everything that happened. srs bznz. Well anyway... Obsession of the month Sonic Colors for DS Kirby's History and Uswatchi. (makes me think, Us watch you)
  12. is having a busy weekend. It's going to be tiring.

  13. I grew up with Hoenn. I loved almost all the pokemon in the reigon, and I was somewhat forgettful too. Which can explain a Box ful of Miltoics in the PC.
  14. Continued.... *evolving sound is heard* Amber: (still whispering) That better not be your Egger! Cici: Hope not either. lets see..... . . . Seconds later... Cici: *still staring at LED screen* A. A. Tarakotchi? So close to what I wanted. Pooheh. :/ Amberr: Do you see that, D? She's playing with a...egg like pet! D/him: First, A, It's Dan. >:| Second. A egg like whatta? *Amber takes tama out of Cici's hands, but then the screen goes blank and....* Dan: I hasve one of those tooo!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!! Cici: Oh really? Where is yours? Dan At- *Bell rings* *cici's thoughts: Shoot.* Yes, Andrew Is a Tarakotchi. His C-button animation is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!@!@!@!!!!!!11111 :D