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  1. I'll be surprised if someone remembers me. It's kind of hard to forget people here. Tama Phantom
  2. Life in general, really. Can't really think of much else at the moment. Tama Phantom
  3. 2006-2007 kid here. I was TamagotchiGirl2007. ID WAITWAITWAIT. You were her? I remember you well for some reason. Tama Phantom
  4. It has indeed. Sorry for making you wait longer. =P

  5. Holaaaa. It has been a while...

  6. Banana banana terracotta banana banana terracotta pie~

  7. Long haired guys. All the best are. ;D I got a Spyro plush today actually. I was pretty much begging my parents to let me get it. xD He lives in my bed with many plush puppies and several Sonic the Hedgehogs. LINGLINGLINGLING! He's just epic. Oh, and I've got a new character to add to the list: Lelouch - Code Geass CLAMP's character designs=fangirl material. Tama Phantom
  8. I was always more of a Spyro girl. xD Tama Phantom
  9. It has been a while. xP Things have been busy. I'm doing well, how are you? :DD

  10. Hello. :3

    If I'm honest, it's been forever since I've been on here. =P

    How are you?

  11. Hello. :3

    Sorry I haven't said much in a while. Busy and such. How are you?

  12. Wow. Snow is annoying sometimes. I still usually have to go to school when it snows. Maybe if we get stuff like this over here sometime it will close for once. Tama Phantom
  13. Hello!

    It's been a while. xD Busy with life and such. How are you?

  14. Hello, US TTers. I heard there was some pretty bad snow where you are. Everyone okay?

    1. SailorRosette


      Michigan, we are. Facebook started something called the Snowpocolypse. Lol.

    2. afflictedspades


      Whoa what really. We aren't getting any snow in washington! Just rain. WHY IS THIS.

    3. ShutUpAndSmile


      New York, it's not snowing atm but it's been hitting us hard lately.

  15. Happy new year all.;D