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  1. The only thing I ever made was a bed, and I think it was made out of tissues.
  2. Why not try the Tama-Go? I just started mine up.
  3. Started up my Tama-Go don't know if I'll be logging it though.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I have two Tama-Gos. They are fun to log about.

    2. jcerana


      cool! i wish i will but Tamago too.. :)

  4. That whole point is for Kyurem to look similar to Reshiram/Zekrom. I remember reading somewhere that this is so because Kyurem tries to regain his natural form so he combines with Reshiram/Zekrom. In my opinion I think Nintendo did an excellent job with Black and White "2" instead of just making a third game and calling it "Grey". I really want Kyurem's Reshiram form.
  5. When your watching a movie and it's all silent and there's always that one person that chews their potato chips like a cow.
  6. Like for a tbh, lol jokes this isn't Facebook

  7. Just realised what a jerk I've been to my friend, constantly judging him, I feel so bad. I'm such a jerk sometimes but I'm no longer going to tease him, it stops now

  8. Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates I am logging my V4 and will begin in the morning I just had some things to sort out but now I am ready to roll.
  9. January 14th, Saturday Hey, I have lost my iD L at the moment and I will look for it later tonight, but don't worry, I won't leave you with nothing! I'm also going to be logging my Test-Tube Alien, his name is Kurion. It's only his second day of life here on earth, he has almost finished the food I game him yesterday so I should probably feed him after this. That's all for now with me and Kurion, I'll find the iD L soon!
  10. Tamas you think I should run (choose TWO): V3 and V2 Pros of Tama: Fun, Simple, Easy to care for Cons of Tama: Possibly can become dull because the two are similar Why you think I should run it: Arguably two of the best versions Your opinion on the Tama: Incredibly fun and hard to beat in terms of characters
  11. @Ra I guess Tamagotchi's are doing pretty good in Japan, I take it that by commenting that means that you read my log? That's awesome if you do because your log is great. I will be logging my iD L once I get back from holidays in a couple of days, so yeah I'm looking forward to logging again so let's hope it goes well.
  12. Just saw "Immortals" Isabel Lucas is Gorgeous

  13. I would arguably choose invisibility because that would just be awesome.
  14. I would arguably choose invisibility because that would just be awesome.
  15. I would arguably choose invisibility because that would just be awesome.