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  1. Guess what I got in the mail today... my pink tamgotchi plus color!!! OMG!! I'm so excited. Unfortunately my sister took my camera and so I can't post pics yet. It is indeed bigger than the other tamagotchis and thicker and I hope the pause feature is handy because I have school and work.
  2. Earlier today I was surfing random sites on my bookmarks. A website called also sells tamagotchis and so I clicked on the link to see if they have anything on music star. I scrolled on the page and on the way bottom, there they were! They posted the packaging and 6 different designs. The box is shaped like a guitar and not only it included the tamagotchi but also a guitar pick charm and a hidden code. Also it says that they are "out of stock" which means they might release it soon or later. Enjoy!!
  3. So I checked my order status on and it says that it is ready to be shipped. OMG!! I'll be getting it soon. Hopefully by next week.
  4. Awesome links and sites Neimo.
  5. I also pre-ordered the pink one. I paid $78.99 as is. Can't wait for it to arrive!! I'm gonna hold it in my hands all day and stare at it.
  6. i have angelgotchi, 2 v2's, v3, v4, v4.5, and awaiting my pre-ordered tamagotchi plus color.