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  1. still have stuff up for sale! EVERYTHING must go.
    1. SailorRosette


      You can make a topic on Tbay for that. Just include pictures with your username on it. Its free of charge.

    2. papakizatchiX


      Ah I wasn't aware there was a topic! Thank you.

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    2. papakizatchiX


      @ciara the ebay listing price is $3.09 and I will cover any extra costs.

    3. papakizatchiX


      (The shipping price is $3.09 to prevent any confusion)

    4. papakizatchiX


      Feel free to contact me for details.

  2. Hey, i used to have a Yuniran as my Avvie, but Reiniculus is AWESOMESAUCE!!

  3. I got my Tamagotchi iD and the person sent me 2!!!!

  4. i started up my v5 celebrity, dressed as a hobo for halloween, and waiting for my Tamagotchi>>>>iD

  5. They aren't going to come to the UK. Holltchi emailed BandaiUK and they told Hollitchi that they have discontinued tamagotchis.
  6. A new banner. You know when you type in and it says welcome to tamatalk.
  7. I do live in USA. My idea for a future contest is to come up with a song for some tamaggotchi characters! The Rules 1)You must at least mention 8 characters or more. 2)It has to at least rhyme a little.
  8. I never heard of one those.... wat are they
  9. Binary is right the "+" means plus so TMGC+C=Tamagotchi Plus Color. the TMGC is the abbreviation for tamagotchi.
  10. i don't like music city because they never let me log in and now they say i have no account with them
  11. yes thats the rumor,its like a hot topic and mostly people are talking and wondering about.its also being talked about ontama-zone.go check and see