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  1. 23 years old now and really wishing I knew WTF I did with this Tama..... greee
  2. Finally able to log back in. I just got a Tamagotchi ON Pink Fairy for Christmas alone with *drumroll* a Ver 4.5 ❤️ I have the best bf ever. :3478BDFEF-6143-4C63-8D19-5F79B2473ED5.jpeg.0fafa185fb5fd90b938f3f0dc6787064.jpeg

  3. I love this forum so much. The place where I would always come to as soon as I got in from school when I was younger. Still happy to see it is still going. ❤️

  4. Hey everyone! I'm back! Long time No see. XOXO

  5. This College Life Though>>>

  6. Looking for Animal Crossing Friends for Wii!!!

  7. I'm so ready for COLD weather!!!! boots, long coats, and hot chocolate:3

  8. was tooooo cold to stay at the baseball game!

  9. I would be dead.. What if you woke up and you were trapped in your dad's body? O_o
  10. Well my 2 bracelets just came in!! Hopefully the next thing to come in will be my big package or my ear cuff... God I am addicted to ordering junk & tracking
  11. It's like a chemical sh*t storm up there... Everything's mixing together...
  12. Yummish.. Corn nuggets!!! 😄😄😄
  13. Yum. I love the sliced & fried with ranch. Cracklings
  14. Some of them want to use you... Some of them want to be used by youuuu
  15. The commercial for THE FOLLOWING... O_o
  16. Yuck. For real bro. Croutons. Garlic style Texas Toast kind..
  17. Boiled shrimp & cocktail sauce..sweet tea & lemon
  18. Sounds yum. Don't eat them anymore though! Lobster & Crab soaked in butter'