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  1. My stupid other-brother & other-sister arguing.. My Alylou talking to her cat Ana about being a brat and butt to my kitten Aroura
  2. Alot. Anything Tim Burton. Esp. Coraline & Edward The Labrynth BeetleJuice IAMLEGEND & Jeepers Creepers...& Planet Of The Apes!!!
  3. A weird CSI like show... My BestFriend texting, along with my parents ring complete speds...
  4. Not to mention these are the same clothes I wore all last night at a bonfire...
  5. Dark Wash Size 24 Rock Revivals Random Black TankTop XS Pink Columbia Jacket S Cross Bracelet Monogram Necklace Moo Cow Betsey Johnson Earrings Pink Lace Underthings S VS Turquoise Bra Blue Toe Nail Polish PonyTail Holder & my new baby kitty is in my chest if that counts...<3
  6. I wish I could have my very on Gir, too.
  7. I wish I had my box back full of Mejji Whales...nom nom nom
  8. Granted, you forget all things stupid you have done; but in turn you also forget everything & everyone that has ever made you smile...
  9. I really hope this is the correct section! I just found my & I am ready to hatch my tamagotchi! This will keep me distracted during the Christmas holidays and on my diet schedule! I am so pumped! Well here it goes. Resetting my tama at 2:13 PM central 12/23/12 **Yes, I'm a 16 yro Senior in Highschool still playing with my tama, in my opinion it is no different from an xbox or anything, other than I become sort of attatched* 2:15- total reset. Gah, I hate waiting for it to hatch!!! It's a boy! Wanted a girl but ill survive. Naming it Izzy.
  10. bought new batteries! About to ebay for few gens..

  11. Today a boy in my class decided to tell me I was not pretty... :'( I responded with Im told Im gorgeous everyday. Then proceeded to sulk

    1. StenoTim


      I would have said, "Are you trying to ask me out? Because I'm not interested." You gotta get quippy with these types of asses.

    2. steenie


      want me to punch him? everyone is beautiful here on tamatalk so don't you worry :)

    3. Miriam


      Aw. I'm so sorry. Don't listen to him. If I were at your school, I would kick his butt. Because he deserves it. I also assure you you are pretty, and everyone on TamaTalk will agree.

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