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  1. I LOOOOVE THEM!! I cannot get enough. Listened to a few songs this morning actually! <3
  2. Pillow Fight. Drink a 2Liter. Put on the undergarments.
  3. M*A*S*H The cross-dresser is begging the general to let him go back to the states to marry a WOMAN!
  4. I would if mine had batteries. I have the game on my iPhone. I love my tama.... I don't have a cat at home LOLZ
  5. My MAJOR pet peeves: Hearing people eat Hearing people drink Being Corrected People acting like a smart a$$
  6. I'm getting thinner and thinner.. :3

    1. webster04


      your in a stephen king novel O_o Thinner

    2. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      good unless you're getting thinner by doing unhealthy things. ;)

    3. katie_bug


      Looking back at this years later I just want to say I LOVE YOU GUYS! I was not healthy AT ALL but I’m doing great now!(:

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  7. I'm getting thinner and thinner.. :3

  8. Water Fasting! Yay(: Should I make a thread? Like this post..
  9. so friday I'm going to an OLD (even vintage-y) italian restaurant. What's your favorite dish? Any suggestions? My personal favorite is eggplant..

    1. SprinkleDough


      Do they have Pasta? That's my favorite Italian dish. (:

    2. ChamametchiandMametchi


      I would go for Lasagna. it's my most fave.

    3. katie_bug


      I'm thinking Lasagna, too. I haven't had it in forever, but the place is known for it, apparently.

  10. I'm just laying in my little brother's bed. I'm upset because I have pretty much wasted this whole day... I have slept all day and accomplished nothing. The baseball game was cancelled too. I didn't even get to get my nails done as planned. Today has been okay. I even just got hung up on.
  11. Dear Kelsey, I would greatly appreciate it if you shut up. I am trying to watch Adult Swim. I am also writing a hate letter about you. You are my adopted cousin--not my sister. Okay. You like Jacob? He's my ex. Oh shoot, you are trying to read this. GO AWAY! Sincerely, Kat
  12. can't believe I got a Mac Air!!!

    1. chrispilot2293


      bleh, Mac, but, it has nice hardware, sooo, put Windows 8 on it and enjoi!!

    2. The Ultimate Doomer
    3. katie_bug


      Wow... I can keep up with this laptop still but not my old tamagotchi.... yes I’m sulking😂

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  13. can't believe I got a Mac Air!!!

  14. needs to get up ASAP. Start my workout then tan. Summer is fast approaching

    1. Orandatchi


      O_O; Okay...

    2. Orandatchi


      O_O; Okay...

    3. Reader4Ever


      I need to get working out myself :P

  15. loving life. Even if it sucks! [[Not Of This World]]

  16. loving life. Even if it sucks! [[Not Of This World]]

  17. Laying in bed with Charliegh (very bad puppy!!) Texting an AMAZING guy (no bf)
  18. Technically I am listening to the fan on my laptop. But, in my head I keep singing the lyrics, "It's my party! Dance if I want to! I will get crazy & let it all out!". Yes, those are not the correct lyrics but I don't even know that song! Dumb ol' semi-conscious brain...
  19. late night home schooling...

  20. This sleepless nights won't mean a thing. Come tomorrow I'll be dreaming.