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  1. being lazy... I'm supposed to be cleaning up the house...

  2. That's to #$@%(*& bad. I just ran over the box of free puppies. I want a taco..
  3. had a great day with my baby:)

  4. had a great day with my baby:)

  5. skype anyone?

    1. Mametchi-Boy
    2. It`s Teri

      It`s Teri

      yeah, I have skype too.

  6. Hmmmph:( My dream car! One more year!!!!
  7. Ugh....homeschooling......

  8. watching X-Men with my lovely Grandpa:)

  9. George of the Jungle!!!

  10. An eraser burn is very similar to carpet burn. Only it is caused by rubbing an eraser back-and-forth along the skin rapidly. It feels just like carpet burn in most cases and can damge the skin and leave scars. It is usually self-inflicted. Some kids have played the "ABC game". It's a game where the other "opponent" rubs the eraser quickly back and forth across your hand applying pressure saying their ABC's slowly until you call mercy. When I was in 4th grade or so we played this game. I thought is was just a silly game. Recently, I have come to find out kids do this to themselves merely to inflict pain or harm. But, lemme tell you to be lil hard a**es we would see who was brave enough to put germX on our burns >.< I would not reccomend doing eraser burns. I have annd it HURTS! mew0099 coukld you tell me where you got your eraser "drill"??
  11. just went shopping today.. :/ Ready to be home!! Cam anyone?

  12. really loves my empty inbox. 3

  13. has not been on in a while ;_;

  14. about to actually go do something athletic.. practice

  15. My house burnt down, 2 weeks ago. It was a huge cabin.... I just got back from the movies w/ Justin. I'm getting on StraightTalk..... I'm only doing 3 years of highschool //unless I go to LSMSA
  16. Hi:) I remeber you speaking to me on Tamatalk. Sup?

  17. laying here with Samantha Gayle ^

  18. laying here with Samantha Gayle ^_^

  19. i live in Louisiana, and it feels lovely. It's the weather were I'm walking from the Art Building and swirl around in the breeze:) Yes I'm a little odd. But, I love autumn and winter!
  20. Mine is 8Dkati3 go add me:) I have up a few videos. So yeah...[color/]
  21. My tummy growling for my Sonic burger & sweet tea....
  22. I lurv SeaMonkey's. I'm gonna go get me some ASAP. B/C I really want a fishy----but these are WAY cooler. My kitty ate my last ones(um 2yrs ago) Should I get a fish aqaurium and put 'em in it? Or just use the litttle tank that comes with it? I wannna get a big tank so I can personalize it. What's your website && I need ta find your YouTube. I think there's a link*looks up*---oh gotta post this.
  23. Rodeo-Sandy Cheeks (Spongebob Episode on TV)
  24. It's a funny book, I lurved it:) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 6/10 (from what I've hear) Haven't read it but I'm bout to get the eBook.