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  1. I am aiming for Spaceytchi on my blue Tamagotchi Dream Town and I am wondering how to get him?
  2. I know your pain. I got to do that to my red V3. The A button is having issues. Thankfully my brother is real good at fixing stuff and will do it once I get the proper screwdriver for it.
  3. Not making double sure that you have them paused (did that to my friends and was lucky they were alive the next morning, I have them on different times, so they go on pause when I sleep. They grew while they were unpaused to unhealthy characters as a result, but I was shooting for something other than cosomochi but to get them that way was not the way I planned> Putting them on pause but not checking to be sure they stayed on pause while moving them and 1 of them getting unpased (1 of my IDLEs) luckily to have the ability to reset and not lose anything.
  4. I will updating my collection video soon because my collection is now compete. 2 Tamagotchi V3's 2 Tamagotchi V2's 2 Tamagotchi Friends DreamTowns 2 Tamagotchi IDLEs 2 Tamagotchi P's Here is a picture of my collection. Only adding to the collection when and if the US comes out with the color tamas. https://instagram.com/p/8yUba7EpwR/?taken-by=driftyalison0
  5. My pink says P1 and my blue says P2 does that mean I have both firmwares as well.
  6. I have a question. I got two IDLEs this morning quite unexpectedly (was actually expecting them next week or two). And when they went to bed I went to put their clocks up to 6:59am so that they would wake up and I could play with them some more. The thing is when I check the age its still at 0 and I am just wondering is this normal? My dreamtown age when I put the time on 6:59 am so I figured that it would work here too.
  7. When your wishlist won't stop. First I was happy with my 2 v3's then added 2 V2's and then was happy with them until you decided on getting the IDLEs and Tamagotchi Friends ended up saving for what seemed like the longest time for the IDLE's and before you saved that you got the 2 friends dream town. Now thinking that your settled and you think 10 is your limit. Then realize that you will have 8 running tamas decide to get 2 more. Now Friday I am ordering 2 english patched P's. I feell done but at the same time I kinda long for the V4 and V4.5.
  8. My wish list is empty now because I ordered 2 IDLE's on Friday morning. That may change because I am kinda tempted to get a V4 and A V4.5. I say kinda because I dunno if I could handle 10 running tamas and I don't want to retire any atm.
  9. I have that problem but I solve the issue by having two of each version I own. Hince why I have 2 dreamtowns 2 v3's and 2 V2's. I know noone outside of the internet that has a tamagotchi so I would be bad if I only had 1.
  10. I have since got my second one and I am so glad I got them. Next week I should be ordering the IDL's. I decided to wait an extra week so I could afford the faster shipping.
  11. Don't lose hope yet. When I got my mimitch in a V3 mine wasn't a mini mimitchi. I believe its the same in the V4 (its been years for me) but Mimitchi is in the even gen.