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  1. Is it possible to move the v4 to a v6 shell? If Yes, how? Instructions, please! (^.^)/ Im stuck at the speaker wire system...how to take it out.?
  2. I live in NZ too!

  3. Heya! Yup. I live in Auckand! You? xD Lucky Star fan?! KONATA FTW! (^o^)/


  5. Yup, it's normal. That happens every generation, its annoying. I still don't get the idea of it...and you get points when a mailman comes or the king visits.
  6. I don't know why but I always go back to my Music Star when I want to start playing with my Tamagotchis again...maybe it's the design.
  7. You will get a chance to have a 'perfect care' characther. It doesn't matter about the toddler or the teen's care.
  8. Maybe I'll help...but most probably I'll just read this topic only. Sorry, don't have the time.
  9. Thanks it really helped me and also thanks for the easy to read guide!
  10. Don't just say "it's not worth it". Give us a reason why before you criticize something.
  11. Hey! I got a serious problem, every Tamagotchi I've played the Tama always evolved to a bad care tama like in the v6 and I got Kutchipatchi in my v3. I need help? What should I do? 1. Normally, I just give them ocassional snacks when I don't feel like playing games, does it help if I play games rather than feeding them snacks? 2. In the V6, does it matter if my Tamagotchi keeps asking for attention?
  12. So I just bidded for a v3,but it's second hand. I'm kinds worried about the person who used it and how clean it is. What should I do?
  13. I'm a bit confused...is it a version 1,2 or 3? EDIT: Added a picture, sorry I forgot before.
  14. Hey! Today I just bought this Tamagotchi v4. I opened it all up and changed the antenna ball, the buttons and the background. But when I screw everything back in my Tamagotchi screen is 'glitched. I have to push the top of Tamagotchi to make the blank pixels go away. The Food and Snack Menu, as you can see part of the word Meal and Snack aren't visible: http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm42/Bo...ot_20091019.jpg http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm42/Bo...ts/DSC-0070.jpg Sorry if they aren't clear.
  15. My v6 just became a adult yesterday at age 2....is it because I always change the time to make it sleep?
  16. If you really just want to take care of a pet, buy a v1-v3. The v6 is really fun, just try it. Just ignore all the 'music' things if you really hate it that much.
  17. Have you ever thought that the picture could be a picture of me?
  18. Picture Hey. First I'm a guy and I've been wondering whether that colour is a bit girlish? I think it's quite girlish 'cos it's light orange with light pink...I shouldn't have bought that colour.
  19. How can I be pressing the wrong buttons when there's only 3? And I read the instructions so I know how to play the game.