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  1. im fluent in english, learning german (ap level), have taken semesters of french and spanish, and learned hebrew for 3 years, though i forgot most of it.
  2. peyote stitch stuff! huge picture warning
  3. My answers Gender: Female Age group: 16-18 Residence: United States of America Relationship status: Single. Uninterested. Religion: Jewish
  4. i ordered an aikatsu p's set and a pierce for my bday, but only the dream to change pierce came today. the actual device will be here in sept
  5. 1. How would you describe yourself? friday night gurus - studio killers 2. What do people think about you? mukei spirit (mugen loop teddyloid remix) - kou shibasaki 3. What's your current theme song? one horn (vocal version) - rq 4. What song is best for you to play during the day? bye bye sayonara - hatsune miku 5. What song is best for you to play at night? eros and apollo - studio killers 6. What song do you wanna play at your next birthday party? aqua gate - rin matsuoka 7. What's the best slumber party song? stardust - tydi and kerli 8. What song would you play for yourself if you can't sleep? xx - rq 9. What's your signature dancing song? the one star - the world ends with you 10. What's your favorite song to play on road trips? the end. - mcr 11. What song do you wanna play on camping trips? emergency - paramore (thats funny to me for some reason) 12. If you are allowed to play songs while watching a movie, which song would you choose? like a g666 - the quick brown fox 13. What's your motto? emptiness and - the world ends with you 14. What's your biggest secret? wave - lily
  6. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great day :)

  7. a micro usb would be very helpful in future tamas: rechargable and easier to transfer files. please bandai

  8. there are 3 active members on here (me included) that have birthdays on aug 15-16. that is freaky

  9. my dad is only letting us use rechargable batteries from now on... :

  10. i want the star one. oh gosh im such a sucker for stars and pastels. must... not... give in... ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ
  11. the gold part looks best on white. doesnt really match on the other colors :/
  12. so i hear 4u will have ssb integration?

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    2. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      Interesting, I hope this is true 0u0

    3. Midorime


      That... makes no sense at all

    4. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      I don't quite get it either, but it better involve Mametchi as a playable character in ssb lel

  14. high: im super motivated to make a cosplay low: i have to do summer homework :B woah: my mom somehow guessed without knowing before that a tale of two cities takes place in paris and london