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  1. Just found a blue 4U+ on amazon prime!

  2. I'm getting a tamagotchi p's from amazon on Tuesday!

  3. I'm getting a tamagotchi p's from amazon on Tuesday!

  4. I just discovered that on Dream Town if you go to the fortune teller lady and leave it at the defualt 0's its a code

  5. It must have taken forever to make also i have taken the liberity of adding everyone
  6. Opening my town gates in animal crossing new leaf

  7. Those all sound like perfect ideas. Now we just need towns to visit.
  8. I thought that many people who play animal crossing might want to make a topic where we can share friend codes so that we may get all the fruits or get those great turnip prices we have been looking for. All we have to do is leave our friend codes so that we may relax in other peoples towns. Heres mine Friend Code: 0387-9273-6506] Name: K-Lyn
  9. this week was great first MLK day for now school then yesterday we had a snow day then today we get a two hour early dismissal

  10. just un paused my tama go after getting home from school

  11. Deciding weather to start up my v4.5, v5, v6 or tama go

    1. tamagotchialice



    2. Musicstartama


      Ive only got time for one more

  12. this could be very interesting seeing as that says a new toy is coming out and we might get a COLOR tamagotchi in English (excluding the ID L E of course)
  13. BanDai finally sent me an email after about 1 month prior to me sending it and they said this: K-Lyn: Please forgive the delay in our reply. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our response time took much longer than our usual standard. Tamatown is still going through maintenance and might return to full functionality but there is no release date set if it does do so. Thank you, Bandai America Customer Service On the bright side they might "finish" maintenance but we have no gaurentee.