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  1. Skittles<33 I used to like m&m's more but Skittles are just yummier to me nao
  2. *evil grin* Yaoi, cheesy online games, video games, tamagotchis, TT, anime, manga... etc
  3. Haha, I didn't realize you posted an Owl City song right before I did! Wewt~! XD
  4. Owl City's Rainbow Veins Awesome song<33
  5. Surprisingly enough, I have not. Ever dip your french fries in a chocolate smoothie?
  6. Good Lord... too many KH clips to count, lol
  7. Chapstick!! I know it sounds weird but I have like thousands of Chapsticks. Every time I go to the store, I have to buy a new one<33
  8. Just the piano. But my skillage level fails. Epically.
  9. BINARY He's probably some super smart genius person :3 I think we could have an interesting convo about tamas, lol
  10. Nope. All my tamas are from Bandai
  11. Lol, I don't spoil my tama... the poor thing usually ends up starving >_>
  12. Hannah Montana... I really don't like HER, but I think Jackson and Oliver are so funny on the show<333 Wizards is okay, but I can't stand Selena Gomez. She annoys me to NO end >_>
  13. ... Goodbye cruel world!!!!! XD Lol, srsly though, that whole 2012 thing is a bunch of hogwash. There is no scientific evidence to prove it, and even if it was some myth made thousands of years ago, how would they even know it would happen? O_O Y'know what I mean?