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  1. I remember getting it for my birthday a few years back. My dad sent it by Fed-Ex from Saudi I remember my excitement.... Anyway, I haven't played with it in quite a long time. I think sometimes when I play it regularly, it gets quite boring :/ I might play it again soon when I have the time to.
  2. I go to an all girls school but the only thing all the girls are focused on are boys (:
  3. Oh yeah and I'm watching a Mary Kate and Ashley movie. dude the songs and dance moves are beyond lame ... sooo amateur . hahaha . still love it though . <---- So true
  4. I am helplessly obsessed with Fleck and Dave. I am afraid of heights but I like jumping off cliffs into the ocean anyway As I type, I'm eating yummy chocolate ice cream x3 Dan Shneider is my role model I love photography I pretend to be annoying people on Omegle and Chat Avenue
  5. Lol it looks like an angel boy
  6. I think someone............has it.........I don't know...It might be one of those games where you raise a boy and see how he ends up? It looks pretty cool though
  7. I'd yell at them for being sad enough not to afford one
  8. 100 Riyals: 16 pounds............ but my cheapest would be............12 pounds.
  9. Ummmm if you want to. Maybe I should. Keep in mind it's a MINI bottle I wouldn't spend that much. Oh yeah, and it's joined by a friend XD
  10. A guy I used to know's Mom played with them
  11. I was randomly searching on Ebay for the Tamagotchi Mini, and found this perfume. Have any of you seen it in stores? And those who have been to Tamagotchi Emporiam in Japan, have you seen it there?