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    Anime! Manga! Pocky! J-pop! J-rock! Indie rock! DINOSAURS! RAINBOWS! <br><br>I like to draw, too. And I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sandman by Neil Gaiman! :D Morpheus is my favorite Endless.<br><br>Harajuku fashions also hold a large amount of interest for me. ;D

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  1. Username: Dunno. Kind of came to me. P: Signature: Matches avatar. Avatar: Because dinosaurs are sexy.
  2. When I laugh, it's loud and full. Like HAR HAR HAR AWH HAWH. xDD When I sneeze I just sneeze. Just there. Ew. boogers. on my hands. ew. And when I cry, I always cry silently if I do.
  3. I really want a Star Wars boxed set, an iPod Chromatic, some Neil Gaiman novels, a few CDs, band tees, etcetera. meh.