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  1. Self explanitory. When I get bored, I start to feel guilty for stuff. It's a real pain in the butt, actually. e_e Like right now I'm sitting in a chair, moping, absolutely brimming with guilt over stomping on the computer rules multiple times. XD It's pretty stupid, because I don't really feel guilty, but I have that guilt-in-the-stomach feeling and my shoulder hurts. GAH. D:< My mouth and ear hurt too. wtf. Another then when I get bored is I eat. Or I constantly talk about food. Like "OMG, WHAT IS FER LUNCH? WE SHOULD BUY LUNCH. WHERE SHOULD WE GO FOR LUNCH. THAT LUNCH WAS GROSS. WHAT DID WE HAVE FOR LUNCH AGAIN? I WONDER WHAT MY MOM HAD FOR LUNCH" all day long. XD
  2. Compared to droning demons of terror, still no.
  3. This is a gift for the world. A holiday gift. I think it's a wonderful gift to give everyone, indeed. here's this sexy thang for you to see and comment about. Isn't is sexy? See? I knew you'd like it. Removed - inappropriate.
  4. Cats. I don't have anything against dogs but they're a bit high maintenance for me. XD
  5. OMG. I found out I slept on the last of my gum yesterday. D: STUPID MESSY ROOM.
  6. Vampire Knight or Death Note. :3
  7. OMGRITE. I think I might just remake it now. D: - Train a cat to sing - Eat a dinosaur (a real one.) - Have sex - Dance in the streets of NYC as Darth Vader - Eat stuffed crust pizza - Sky dive - Transform in to Darth Maul - Bake a pomegranate - Chew on a physics book - Glomp someone random - Go to Japan - Genetically clone a catdog - Meet a timelord - Mind-rape The Doctor to show him how it felt to Donna. (D:< Rind mape!) - Give Boba Fett a pretty princess hat - Cosplay as Hikaru and Kaoru with someone, wearing shirts that say "Seme" or "Uke" Um um um...
  8. I think it is Spongebob. Spongebob is actually a fairly old show, and I's Spongebob. ._.
  9. I think the easier question is what's NOT wrong with me. Bad Luck - Social Distortion
  10. He is awesome, but the question is not if he is awesome, but if he is goth. O: I've seen him on metal documentaries, but I dun think he's metal, and he's not goth, or gothic metal, he's just kind of on the fence somewhere.
  11. Gahh, I don't remember all of them. D: I must get notebook when school is done. ... *_* When school is done. And I am on vacation.
  12. That's the frigging bomb. XD I never actually bothered to look at their website much...xDD