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  1. probably just says tamagotchi so more people will look at it, although it clearly isnt. a nice addition for virtual pet collectors though!
  2. its in customs, shouldn't take too long. usually when my things go through customs it takes a few days, it has never taken longer than a week. good luck! congrats on your ps!
  3. since 2004 they have released the tamagotchi connections, v1-v5, or v6 if you count music star. they also started releasing color tamagotchis, which was around the time i got out of tamagotchis. recently ive gotten back into virtual pets so my order may be wrong but, the color tamagotchis are TMGC+ color, iD, iD L, and P's. there are also other ones like the hexagon, and probably more but those are the ones i know of. the only color tam i own is a P's and its very cute, easy to take care of and fun! hope i helped at all. (also other tamagotchis have come out, but they are grayscale such as the tamatown tamago, nano, and tamagotchi friends)
  4. i'm sorry this happened to you! have you tried a glasses cleaner or a phone screen cleaner? that may help. if not, it may be irreversible as said above.
  5. i think painting a tamagotchi ps would be hard especially since the front is a clear plastic, and as well as the jewels. i'd also be nervous about getting paint on the screen. i think making or buying a case would be your best bet. remember, just because its intended for girls doesnt mean anything! buy what you want :- ) tamagotchi ps was my first color tam too, and i love it. i hope you enjoy yours as well!
  6. i bought cf back in 2008 and bought new leaf a few months after it came out... i love all the new and returning features, its super cute too and i put a lot of effort into my town and house!! but as many ac games it gets a bit repetitive after a while. i still check up every now and then!
  7. i have two p1s, a blue and a purple one! snagged them at a garage sale several years ago, but the blue one's screws arent openable... i'm looking into adding a morino or angelgotch to my collection soon!
  8. Well my Tama-Go is now a 4 year old Violetchi that is only on pause a few hours a day while I'm at school. She's been 4 for about three days now. She was an adult by age 1! I hope this isn't the aging glitch! D:
  9. I did debug a v3. I had two running v3's, the debugged and a normal one. Well, ina debugged tam, you need to sacrifice passwords, usernames, and I don't know about connecting but I haven't tried just because I don't know what it will do.
  10. Honestly... The Tama-Go is cool, I think. Its not the best but yes the screen is scratched. I do like it though. Other than it being Tama-Town themed, its a bit of a step backwards. There isn't much new and there are only 36 characters... ;( But I do like the Tama-Go. I've attached to it. ^^; And yes. I do believe the case is a bit cheap. Its very hollow and when I tap it I hear some cheap plastic-y sound. i like it though.
  11. FINALLY! Some pictures! You guys are in for a bit of a treat because I'll rarely post pics. (because it takes forever and I am LAZY!) ^^ Well, theres only one of her as Shelltchi. Sorry ^^; Oh yes, and Shelltchi played a lot of games today... We tried lowering hre weight. She's 32 lbs, the highest weight she's been being 38 lbs. Now for the pics! Sorry 'bout the faileshness and blurriness. ^-^'' AND I ISH SO SORRY THAT THEY SO BIG! Just Hoshitchi! :9 Playing on the log with a Violetchi-type thing. Up close and personal! Teeth brushin!
  12. Well, when I was a child I had this light pink and yellow Furby. I loved it so much! The first day I got it I never put it down and constantly played with it. I thought it was the cutest thing ever! Well, night came. I had my Furby on top of a low bookcase. I fell asleep. Hours later, I was awakened by a loud chirp! It was like, 12:00! I screamed, not knowing what it was, and I looked over running out of bed to turn on a night light. My Furby was staring straight ahead. I was so scared. It suddenly became creepy to me, so I wouldn't even go in my room. I woke up my parents and I asked them to throw it out. Sure enough, they did. Now all these years later I actually want another one. They're really really cute and funny looking! Did you have a Furby that scared you?