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  1. I've gotta get me this if I can find it cheap enough.
  2. Same here, tried for a couple weeks now (I'm in the UK). Seems the site has disappeared.
  3. Could you have turned the sound off by mistake? On the UK V1, if you press and hold button C and then press button A, you can turn the sound on and off that way.
  4. It does indeed say rabitchi on the character chart. But on most growth charts that character is a Pyonchitchi.
  5. Didn't know what? That connecting different versions give different characters, or that character? I knew of the character, just not the name (I've seen the debug characters). This is the first time owning a different version, so no, I wouldn't have known... and not knowing, I wouldn't have known to look. It's cool though, seeing different tamas.
  6. I got my new tamagotchi this week, a v1 UK connexion, on connecting it to my v2 it makes a Marumimitchi appear as a totally different character. Hehe! I can't find the name of the character it appears as, but this is a piccy. This is real Rosey!! Any one else found differences when connecting different versions?
  7. Coooooool! I gotta get me a US tama! I wanna debug!
  8. Na, you're not bad. Just if you can't take care of it for a day or two, perhaps would be best to pause it, if it's the version that can be paused. (Press & hold A button then press C, the same to unpause it)
  9. Just to say sorry if I ruffled feathers with my 'It's only a toy' comment on the tips and tricks forum. I added a that usually means i'm joking... or it does on 99% of the other forums i'm on. I think it's pretty obvious by now how much I love (too strong a word? Naaa) my tamas, or I thought it would be. I should know better at my age and i'm sorry. I didn't mean anything by it. Mands x *Off to go shopping for more tamas. Mwhahahaha *
  10. I mistyped a word in the title.. I put Cast, instead of case. Admin must've changed it for me. Good news... well it is to me anyways! Deleting the love pairing on Stych worked! Matchmaker came on screen at 7 this evening, and a baby girl was born. WOO! I've had 5 baby girls... obviously just 4 left. So I can stop moaning now about only getting boys!!
  11. When you pair two tamagotchis, you always get twins. So you and a friend get a baby each. In my case, pairing failed at the critical moment of one of the babies going over to the other tamagotchi! So, she's lost in tama cyber space!!
  12. I connected my tamas today, they fell in love... babies born, but then connection failed. One of my babies disappeared!! It didn't scoot on over to the dads screen!! Well annoyed. It's my 9th generation tama, so unless matchmaker comes and he falls in love with another tama, my generation tree for that tama is over. To say i'm annoyed, is a slight understatement!! I deleted the love pairing on the friends list, so it's showing just as friends again. Wonder if matchmaker will come? Boo to the dodgy infrared! I had 4 baby girls (WOO for the girlies!) over my 4 tamas, the others are all fine, it's just this one tama baby that's done the disappearing act!! The happy event. (Woah, 3 new babies to care for... am I mad?! Good job I haven't got work until tomorrow, so I can get them out of the poop for England stage!! ) Lilo & Stych falling In Love My two little girls Lilo with her bubs Stych, BABYLESS! Bill & Bonny falling in love WOOHOO! Bubs scooting off to daddy! Happy daddy!! I hope Stych has the matchmaker come! I want 10th Gen!!
  13. Version 5 as is usually listed on ebay, are the ones with the aerials to connect to Japanese mobile phones. Whether they are legit or not I don't know.
  14. 4... but that might increase by another 4 soon.