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  1. I can't seem to edit my previous post, so apologies for the double-post... I wanted to share my latest generation! Gen. 7 Omututchi (exclusively apples) -> Hoshitchi (exclusively apples) -> Nikatchi (exclusively desired food - oranges, burritos and tempura) -> Sebiretchi I'm so happy! I love Sebiretchi so much. I only gave her the food she was asking for at each stage (as a Hoshitchi this was only ever apples) as this was the only thing I hadn't tried before. I'm glad it paid off! Now to figure out where I went wrong with trying to get Gozarutchi and then I'll have obtained every character!
  2. Gen. 6 Omututchi (no food) -> Meganetchi (no food) -> Nikatchi (no food) -> Mametchi (???) I don't really understand how this generation worked... I'm really disappointed, actually. I thought Gozarutchi was the character you get from ignoring your Tamagotchi and not feeding it? I completely ignored it, except right after it evolved into Meganetchi, when I cleaned up its messes, washed it and put it to sleep. Didn't touch it once after that except to evolve it and never ever fed it... It's very interesting that 100% cucumbers at the teen stage seems to lead to both Mametchi and Kuromametchi, too! Just when I thought I'd figured out this version haha. Guess I'll attempt to get Sebiretchi next gen!
  3. Gen. 5 Futabatchi (alternated between sausages and lollipops) -> Meganetchi (alternated between sausages and lollipops) -> Soyofuwatchi (alternated between sausages and lollipops, then focused on sausages in the final 12 hours before evolution) -> Lovelitchi Hooray! I got my Lovelitchi this morning. I'll keep her around for a little while before moving onto my next generation (I suppose I'll aim for Gozarutchi since Sebiretchi seems to have an air of randomness about her still...).
  4. Got my adult just now! Twinsies with TheYatagarasu! Gen. 4: Omututchi (exclusively lollipops) -> Meganetchi (exclusively sausages except one steak right before evolution) -> Soyofuwatchi (alternated between lollipops and oranges) -> Memetchi I talked to a user on Twitter (her handle is @xoaliceMCR) as she'd managed to obtain Lovelitchi by feeding mostly lollipops and some sausages. Her food preference is "sweets and grilled food", which fits that perfectly. Will definitely be giving this a try next generation (which I will hopefully begin to tackle later tonight)! Big thanks to her for her response to my question. Eeveelai, thank you for your detailed response! I'm hoping that you'll be able to get Lovelitchi from strawberries and ice cream. Crossing my fingers for you!
  5. I'm glad this thread exists! I've been curious to know which food combinations affect each character. I'm only on my fourth generation so far (and my toddler just evolved as I was writing this!), but here are my growths and the food I fed at each stage (not including the demo Mametchi): Gen. 1: Futabatchi (mixture, but mostly apples) -> Hoshitchi (mixture, but mostly apples and broccoli) -> Nikatchi (mixture, but mostly apples and oranges) -> Chamametchi Gen. 2: Futabatchi (alternated between chocolate and cookies) -> Meganetchi (alternated between chocolate and cookies) -> Mokokotchi (alternated between chocolate and cookies and the occasional hotdog) -> Kuchipatchi Gen. 3: Omututchi (exclusively broccoli) -> Meganetchi (broccoli and some cucumber) -> Hinatchi (exclusively cucumber) -> Kuromametchi Gen. 4: Omututchi (exclusively lollipops) -> Meganetchi (exclusively sausages except one steak right before evolution) -> Soyofuwatchi (will alternate between lollipops and oranges exclusively) TheYatagarasu, I had the same thoughts as you on Memetchi! I only alternated at the toddler stage to get my missing teen, so will update when it finally evolves. Eeveelai, did you feed your characters the favourite food of your desired adult to obtain each of them? I'm asking because Kuromametchi seems to be a big outlier for me so far! As an aside, how long are evolutions taking for you all? My first generation was super regular (30 mins to toddler, 24 hours to teenager and 48 hours to adult) but they've been taking progressively longer with every passing generation (to the point where my most recent Omututchi to Meganetchi took well over four hours, even with regularly looking after it during my flight)...
  6. I still love my Tamagotchi. I can't wait to play with the new Tamagotchi I'm getting for my birthday.
  7. I like both equally. I love Memetchi's simplicity, but I also love Makiko's glamour.
  8. Mametchi was my first Tamagotchi, and always will be my favourite.
  9. I've had the ball glitch on my V4.5 and I had to reset it. >.<;;; I've also encountered the name glitch numerous times, most commonly on my V4, but it's easily rectified. Oh, and I just remembered - my V4.5 Oyajitchi married a bunch of blocky pixels once.
  10. All my 'Gotchi are relatively clean; I don't really put them anywhere dirty so they never actually get dirty. X3 They sometimes get a little dusty around the screen, though. DX
  11. I'm 14 and turning 15 next month, on the 18th of July. I still play with my Tamagotchi, but right now I'm too busy with coursework and school to be raising more than one at a time. >.<
  12. My birthday is the same as Nelson Mandela's. Pretty pleased about that. (It's the 18th of July, but I wasn't born in the same year as him or anything. XD)
  13. Same here. I'm currently 14, but I will be turning 15 on the 18th of July.
  14. Our school was closed yesterday at around 1:30 PM, but I couldn't even make it to my school because the snow was too much. (I'm from Essex, by the way.) It was open today, but I didn't go because I was ill. But normally our headteacher won't close the school... Unless it was too much, like yesterday.