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  1. Well this one is really ment for people with a locker but just leave it in your locker and check it when the classes change and in gym and when it is lunch ive never been caught! And the best one for people without a locker who can't hide their tama well im going to make this short and sweet Don't Bring Them To School D.B.T.S! TamaMumEdit: We already have a long running and active topic about exactly the same subject on this forum - it's right here: Keep your tamagotchi from the teachers Please would you share any tips or tricks to keep your tama safe in that topic too? We ask all our members to try to avoid making copies of the same topic. If we all use the same thread, it keeps all the useful and interesting info in one, easy to find place! Many thanks! *closed*
  2. Thanks im going to make one later on.
  3. Mine has been 11 yrs and then i forgot about it
  4. Okay so it starts august 8 anyone can join and i'll be logging my experince on this forum and on mine[for the fun of it!] Here are the rules must hatch at the same time can only be v1 or v2 please tell me what tama you are using We shall see whos tama care taker can well take care of their tama the best! The contestents bhoeschcod blue[well it was purple till i customized it!] v1