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  1. aww! Kawaii kitty pic! :3

  2. こんにちは!hi there ^o^ remember me? I'm back

  3. こんにちは!hi there ^o^ remember me?

  4. what do you mean? date with a tamagotchi? hmmm... maybe mametchi or ******tchi ♥ (secret!)
  5. ooooohhh! Not the toy itself... I mean the pet inside of it! I know tamas are only toys but the character inside is a pet, a virtual pet! I know it is not right to love the creature inside the plastic shell with buttons and battery but I still love them... I'm in love of them! ♥ ooohh…nooo... my motto: "REMEMBER, LOVING your TAMAGOTCHI is not INSANITY!" ♥
  6. I want to choose also the 1st option but I have already voted in this poll Every time my parent tama leaves at midnight, I always listening sad songs, goodbye songs, and Japanese songs. I have also my own lyrics and poems about them. I have a tama graveyard in my PC and it's only contains messages for my lost tama. I really love my tamas! Neko-Cat ~♪
  7. Huhuhuhuhu... *cries* :huh: I choose the 4th option... huhuhuhu... I know it’s crazy but it’s true… I’m so very sad… I know, I’m too old to cry… please don’t judge me… I’m going crazy now… my tama died last Saturday and then I cried! It was already in 14th generation! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I did not protect my tama… I never leave my tama again... I’m soooo very STUPID! Until now, I’m not fully recovered because of that… I didn’t keep my promise… I’m dumb… I regretted this! I’M SO SORRY MY POOR TAMA!!! POOR TAMA... Good bye Elgin... I'm so sorry... R.I.P. Neko-Cat ~♪
  8. CATS! ♥♥♥ they are so cute ~♪
  9. Scottish fold ♥ =^w^= Fav. Anime series?
  10. It's weird. My tama DIED because I ate crushed ice (snack) I’M SO SORRY!!! *cries* :( I don’t want to eat crushed ice anymore… I regretted this! I’m cursed with crushed ice in my entire life! It always reminds me of my lost tama! MY TAMA DIED BECAUSE I NEGLECTED HIS SICKNESS AND I JUST ATE MY SNACK! How dumb I am! I’m soooo very STUPID! :angry: Good bye Elgin... I'm so sorry... R.I.P.
  11. My first tama was a 1997 v. pet (not P1 or P2, not Bandai) i forgot its brand name I lost it long time ago
  12. For you, are they pets or toys? Are they beloved pets or not? Are they precious or nothing? I made this poll because I want to know how you look at them. ~♪ I have 5 tamas♥ I have real pets also at home. I have 3 cats♥ and 2 dogs. *meow* (=^w^=) I really love my tamas♥ I considered them as my real pets and friends they have their own beds, own birth certificates (in my PC), accessories (cellphone charm), sticker designs, drawings, diary or journal, and name tags. I have a tama graveyard in my PC and it's only contains messages for my lost tama. I always giving them good and cute names (I don’t like common names) I treating them also by giving their favorite foods. I always bring my tamas at school and always hiding them… I don't want to leave my tamas at home and keeping pausing them (I don't want to put them on pause) I always bringing them whenever I go. Whether I'm at school, mall, travel, vacation, everywhere! P.S. I'm not INSANE! REMEMBER, LOVING your TAMAGOTCHI is not INSANITY! ♥