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    I like tamagotchis, animals, and CHOCOLATE! <br><br><br><br><br>"Who knows will life be the same as it is now in ten years? Will you have the same life, the same friends, even world? Do you want it to? do you?"<br><br><br>When I saw tamatalk, I knew I would like it. And I was right! i love tamatalk.<br><br><br>Name: Sara<br>Age: 14<br>Birthday: April 4th <br>Saying: Life is better with people<br><br>My bff list:<br>Tamalove2<br>Sky<br>irock202<br>Roxaspatchi13<br>ilovekuichipa555<br>AnimeSpazzatron789

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  1. i have so many weird dreams pm me if you want to hear about them...
  2. I used to I moved when I was 11. It is the bigest in the usa. yippee! Now I live in Seattle, Washington.
  3. Same here I want cursor mainia. yet my mom won't let me boo-hoo
  4. NYC.... I think it's the biggest city in the USA....
  5. "Do my homework. Are you stupid?" Yeah really are you stupid?! I do my homework and get it over with.
  6. I do all the time I am now...
  7. No-Duh!!!!!!!!!! HYE been sky-diving? I haven't but It would be fun!
  8. It is called wich of my favorite words/phrases are you? It's really cool! OH REALLY? You are the most confusing person ever, But that makes you awesome. So. Yeah.
  9. Omg I totally understood that! See I just lied!
  10. YEASH!!! I was really sick HYE threw up on your mom? (I have)