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  1. Also if possible you can stuff it in the back of your desk and cover it. Thanks for the info!!!!!
  2. Does anyone on this sight read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter?? If you do, are you on the Warriors message board ? I am. For anyone who is, please post here. My name on the message board is Dawnfire.
  3. Hi I'm in 6th grade. what about you?
  4. I have a little pocket for my ipod in my backpack. I put my tamas in there.
  5. I really need to know where to get one of those. my tama has like, 1,000,000 scratches and i drop it 20 times a day.
  6. I get to choose where i sit so i sit in the back of the class and play on my tamagotchi. TAMAS ROCK
  7. I dont get it. How do you know what training calls are?