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  1. If you REALLY want a rare gotchi, try geting the DEVIL GOTCHI. The rarest one of them all! I just have a green V1 :3
  2. Yesh! Plush minis! They PWN! <------ PATCHI PWN I can wait!
  3. Ok, so on my music star, my tamagotchi is a kid. Ive has the kid for a while now, and im wonering when its gonna evove? thanks
  4. Tamagotchi's arent really ' geeky ', its just an opinion. Although bullies taunt me for carying them around in school, I really dont care. Well, in my opinion, tamas are so not ' geeky '. ~Megapatchi27
  5. You Know? i dont under stand why we have those non fun toys and japan get like a billion cool toys that are really enertaining. I really dont get it
  6. I bought Yoshi's Island for GBA. Its fun! I lost my original copy, so now, i play it again! ITS AWESOME ( EDIT! P.S LOOK AT MY AVATAR!! MUAHAHAHA!! )
  7. I've played the first Mystery Dungeon, (Red Rescue Team ) andit was great! I cant wait until this comes out! And I luv Shaymin!!!
  8. Um, wich one is that? Mine is Princess Peach because shes from Super Mario and i luv super mario daisy isnt in them mutch so i like peach better.
  9. about over 100. my cousins keep sending them. THEY R ANOYING!! lol
  10. OWch. * smacks person below with a creepy Weegee *
  11. Ok, so i was skipping through video game trailers, and I happend to fall on this one called " Mario and Lugi : Bowzer's Inside Story" . Called Mario and Luigi RPG3 in Japan, at first with the english title, I couldnt find the concept of it. After reading reveiws and trailers about it, i understanded it and it looks AWESOME! Did u guys hear about it? MARIO AND LUIGI ROCKS! PS it didnt come out yet and i am not sure when it will.
  12. Sonics good at speed Mario is equally good at everything. (MARIO AND SONIC AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES)
  13. I would pick "Mario and Luigi: Partners in time" for DS. THE SHROOBS ARE ATTACKING!! OH NO!!!
  14. its good to spread the word about it! I so want it for my platinum version.
  15. Shaymin is my favorite pokemon! DONT INSULT HER!!!!!!! OR SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN!!