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  1. I have scratch's all over my tamagotchi's screen! And, I also regret holding my tamagotchi in my hand on hot says. They paint comes off. I had a blue tamagotchi with circles that are random colors/colours and now it is only blue! And I had a black tamagotchi with diamonds on it, now it is only black. PS On tamagotchi.com they have a V5 design called diamonds or something, well it is blue on the page, but it is actually black!
  2. The matchmaker came and offered him a...MEMETCHI. I selected NO. I set the time to 2:59 and got a Masktchi, NO.Settting time AGAIN. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8...9..10...........................................................49............58 ...59...60! She comes...MAIDTCHI...NO. I want a Kuchi Group! She comes again. MAIDTCHI AGAIN NO! OH FREAKING GOTCHI! MASKTCHI AGAIN! I give up! I will try later. he got a job at the bank!
  3. I pronounce this way: Memetchi: Mem-it-chi Mametchi: Mam-it-chi Kuchipatchi: Kuch-ie-pat-chi Androtchi: And-rot-chi Furawatchi: Fura-Wat-Chi Violetchi: Violet-chi Leaftchi: Leaf-tchi Gozarutchi: Goz-a-rut-chi Chantotchi: Chan-tot-chi Mimitchi: Mim-itchi Dreamtchi: Dream-tchi Dazzletchi: Dazzle-tchi Tamagotchi: Tama-got-chi (I sometimes say Tama-go-tchi because Tamago means egg in japanese) All the Chi's at the end of words are the same as the end of tamagotchi
  4. He turned 3! He is still a teen though. I expect he will be evolving at 4:30PM NZT (New Zealand Time.) Here are is skill points: Intelligence: 72 Artistic: 14 Social: 10 Here are the rest of his stats: HUNGRY: ♥♥♥♥ HAPPY: ♥♥♥♥ Weight: 42LB Age: 3 Species: Young Mametchi Username: TAMA! Training: 7/9 Points: 39GP (I shopped A LOT) Generation: 2nd Gender: Boy Here are the items in the item list: 1. Soccer ball 2. Mirror 3. Pen 4. Clone (!!) 5. CD3 6. Cellphone (Rare!) 7. Bow 8. Blocks (BLDG Blocks) 9 Cuckoo Clock 10. Umbrella 11. UFO Toy (RC U.F.O) 12. Pencil (Won at a game of chess!) My goal for this log is to get more than 100 views!
  5. It happened to me too! My tamas happiness was empty but hunger was fulled. It died! I pressed B and it said hungry empty and happy empty! I had just fed my tamagotchi!
  6. Matt evolved into a Harutchi! Then a Young Mametchi! I hope he can turn into a Mametchi!
  7. She left! I named the baby Matt short for Matthew! I don't know why I married a Gozarutchi! I could end up with Meme family! I hope Matt can turn into a Mametchi Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥ (I will play with him...later) Smart skills: 10 Artistic: 0 Social: 0 Training: 1/9 Weight: 15LB Generation: 2 Gender: Boy Points: 7049GP He just did a poo! I cleaned it up. Now I will play Jumping Rope with him! (Why isn't it called Jumping Rope not Jump Rope?) da da da da da da GO! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29...I missed
  8. She was going to leave in my sleep, but by antecedent I Downloaded it! Now I have to wait another day!
  9. I also have a theory of how to get the male secret character. I think you have to raise a Tosakatchi who looks like this: http://www.canailleblog.com/photos/blogs/t...90214091533.jpg And use a trumpet on him. Let me know if it works. Also, I posted the topic with the link to the Music Star Character Chart
  10. Alice got married to a Gozarutchi! Gozarutchi looks like this: http://www.freewebs.com/dippykiwitchi/gozarutchi.gif They had a baby BOY! I can get Mametchi! Here are some names I might name him: Ash, Jump, Ollie (short for Oliver), Mame, Jack, Matt (short for Matthew). Alice went to work! She received...well I can't remember now! It was quite a lot though! Alice's baby is a Tsubutchi, he looks like this on conputer: http://www.bookmice.net/fleur/tamconnectv4/tsubutchi.jpg And this on Tamagotchi Screen: http://www.tama-world.pl/postaciv45/tsubutchi.jpg Oh yeah, I almost forgot, here are Alice's skill points: Smart: 336 Artistic: 48 Social: 42
  11. Here are her skill points: Smart: 252 Artistic: 48 Social: 40 She goes to work over 20 times a day. She got payed 5656GP! She now has 6089GP! She got a fortune cookie! Here it is: Points: ** Love: *** Strength: ** Stars all together: ******* (7) She is 5 years old! If her next generation is a girl I will call it: Ella If her next generation is a boy I will call it: Ollie (Short of Oliver) I go to work a lot! Basically because I am an expert at the Mini-Game of working at the bank. I will take her to Tamatown later on.
  12. You must be really good at the game! I can only get up to the Kuromametchi level!
  13. Alice got a job at the bank! I am an expert at this mini-game. Did you know you have to catch 100 bags of GP (gotchi points) to win? I have finished the game lodes of times, here are Alice's skill points: Smart: 134 Artistic: 48 Social: 40 She goes to work A LOT! I think Alice deserves to marry a Mametchi! Or at least another Mame Group Male. I hope she has a boy bay so I can get a smart MAMETCHI! I want to go to work now! I will take her to work now! 1 bag...2 bag............................................................59...60! I am done now, by buttons didn't work! Alice is very smart! 800789+12412656=13213445 Shes right! Check it!
  14. Smart Skill Points: 56 Artistic Skill Points: 48 Social Skill Points: 40 She just got a letter, it is the job one! Here she goes, She failed all the job interviews! I am going to get her intelligence very high so she can get a job as at the laboratory or a doctor!
  15. I just got back from my school camp. I got my tamagotchi off pause. I hope she can get a job soon! I will play with her now, good bye!
  16. How come it says GIRLS not GIRLS AND BOYS? I am a boy and I have lodes of friends that have tamagotchis! I am VERY boyish but I like tamagotchis!
  17. YAY! Alice evolved into Maidtchi after turning three! She looks like this: http://tamagotch.channel.or.jp/character/data/images/20.gif sweepy and a sweepy, sweepy and a sweepy Uh, shes been watching to much Lets go Tamagotchi! Anyway, I hope I can raise her intelligence points very high so she can get a job as a doctor!
  18. I like the C button function, only it can do something else! If you play a game, and by accident you hit the C button, the game goes away and your back to the games option menu. And if you go to PC and then go on Earth Expo and you play a game and then you hit the C button by accident it does not come up: SURE? YES >NO It immediately returns you to the connection menu! I like the C button function when you press it and your characters do something like come up to the screen, but I don't like the other bits in games and PC!
  19. She is 2 years old still, and still a teenager! I hope she will turn into Maidtchi or Masktchi (if I took bad care of her.) *snores* *snores* *snores* snores* I hope I can marry Alice to a Mametchi! Then if it is a boy it will go into the Mame Group and I can get a wonderful, spectacular, amazing, terrific, kind, smart, artistic, funny, great, good... MAMETCHI!!!
  20. I live in New Zealand two! Sadly they are not out here yet. I think they should come before Easter.
  21. My Mum (My country way to spell and say Mom) fixed on a key chain to my V4. I like it! The key chain is really cool! It stands out so if I lose my V4 I might be able notice it! Alice's training level: 8 Weight: 41LB She will turn 2 years old soon! Oh yeah! I forgot, here is what Alice looks like! Alice: http://www.tamagotchischool.com/Version%20...0-%20Colour.bmp This is what Masktchi looks like: http://ca.geocities.com/vegachen@rogers.co...es/image026.gif Masktchi is the character I want if my character turns into a universal (bad care) adult. I ♥LOVE♥ MASKTCHI! But...I just don't like how she looks on a tamagotchi screen, but I love her when she is on Tamatown! Here is the adult I am aiming for! Maidtchi: http://tbn3.google.com/images?q=tbn:3HWvia...%3DMaidtchi.bmp