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  1. Yes! My tama was still there! All my points were there! But my items ...
  2. I don't know what happened! I changed the battery and all my items (I had all of them, seriously) turned into... balls! Literally! You know, the kind you buy at the shop for 200pts? -cries- WHY ME? I have to earn it all back. The amount of items I lost was way more than the 9999 pts I have now T_T *CRY*
  3. Sorry, but it didnt work. At least, not for me ...
  4. Oh, thats simple. See, when it calls for you, you have to respond and check out what it wants. If it has its back turned on you and has that bubbly thingy above its head, you should praise it to cheer it up. If it calls you for no reason, punish it. If it sends another tama a really bad present (makes the other tama mad) and it makes a nasty face afterwards, punish it.
  5. I know this sounds stupid, but how do I get a mametchi?! I've tried taking really good care of it--Never lost more than one heart on both meters, had full training, never got sick, the poos were cleaned up directly after it did them. It was on an odd generation and everything, but no matter how hard I try, I always either get pyonchitchi or furawatchi! Argh!!
  6. My brother got a pochitchi from a ringotchi but he didnt tare that good care of it... I got a pyonchitchi. Doink!
  7. Well, at night, they sleep all the way until morning, about 12 hours. Squeeze me!
  8. Some Tamas sleep later than other, so, say I got a tama that woke up at 9:00, but then it evolved into a character that usually wakes up at 10:00, so it goes back to sleep and wakes up again later. Its normal. You mustve had a baby tama, considering its only 3 hrs. Babys dont have a normal bedtime. They just take random naps. However, the toddlers DO have regular bedtime, so, yeah, its normal. n_~ Squeeze Me!
  9. I was going for a Mimitchi, but I got a Marumimitchi instead
  10. I have one! I have no idea how I got it. I took really good care of it (I was going for a Mimitchi), it was on my fourth gen, I never spoiled it, it evolved from a Young Mimitchi, and er, I let it play with the action figure a lot. Meep!
  11. Really? I got a Toratchi, and I took, er pret-ty bad care of it (well, it was actually my brothers, but he just ditched it after half killing it and then I adopted it) I'm not good at taking care of two tamas, ok?
  12. A Marumimitchi (Er, whatever you call it ^__^; Is this GOOD or BAD?