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  1. Text him. If he doesn't answer, wait a few day. Then, send out a fwd for hw help, remeMber to ask him! Don't txt him everyday, and once he does answer, make sure to text cute details about yourself, like things you have in common!
  2. Yeah I understand I mean, everyone slips one...hopefully just at appropriate times.
  3. Back! After..what...a year?

  4. Many uggs, some Vera Bradley (though it doesn't go with my laid back punky chic style..it's a popular gift) and I dnt have a northface, I prefer my signature lime green hoodie that all the guys love to borrow! Haha. Yeah but I do have a pandora, there also really popular!
  5. Sorry I meant to say I'm not saying I'm a saint..... Whoops!!
  6. Now I'm saying in a saint and don't throw a curse once in a while, but IKR! Little kids... Stop. Ur nt cool. U sound stupid
  7. Whoa, don't I need to update?? My avvie could be twilight for all I know! xD (I'm on my iPod but seriously watch it be that)
  8. Well, as a jewerly lover, I have a lot. Sterling silver earrings are part of my everyday jewery (earrings, pandora, ring, charm bracelet, hair ties xD, cross necklase) but I have to buy a new pair weekly, for I loose them daily! I just lost a pair of little flowerz. But I like to play dressup haha and sometimes wear dangles, but hey, it ruins da style.
  9. Woah, deep! Haha well it's a girl and she pretty much sounds how I wish I could sound!
  10. Before anything...HEY! I haven't been on in about a year! Crazyy! I hope at least someone will remember me...though I doubt it. But anyway I decided to make a thread about people always cursing! I go to middle school, and it's filled with people that only care about fitting in! One way people try to act "cool" is constantly-and I mean CONSTANTLY, cursing! What do you think of the matter? And can u relate?
  11. Soooooooooooo, I cheeky dog............................... How weird, I just saw one go for 999.99 w/out tag!! O_o
  12. Anyone can add me my username is imxjustxpunky and I am deluxe
  13. Here are a few more, (the first was on my webkinz talk account which i don't use anymore. I want to do all on one) Lil'kinz alley cat- Aileen American Golden- Florida Tawny Pup- Tiffany Signature raccoon- Poker Cocoa Dinosaur- Sweety Spotty Dino- Bubble gum Blue googles-Perry black and white cheeky dog-Oreo Gold and white cat- Sara ( i'll update more later