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  1. i want to clear this up people , I'm not trying to offend anyone who isn't vegetarian it is just that in my experience I have had more energy (even though I don't get much sleep) since I turned vegetarian and I realized that some meat substitutes taste the same or even better then killed animals. But i respect everyones point of view about diet
  2. actually when you think about it, the more meat the world eats the ORE animals the society/companies are going to kill to keep up with how much meat is being bought, so technically just because I dont eat meat doesn't mean the meat I don't eat will go to waste, but if enough people become vegetarian then less meat will be produced and less and less untill no meat is any longer produced and animals do not get killed (except by natural reasons)
  3. I am a new vegetarian , but I like meat. But my brother always bugs me about poor innocent baby pigs dying (it is kind of sad when you think about it) I started about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if i should tell my docter or not because some people say there are health hazards if you are not the right person for it. Also i was wondering , how do I stay vegetarian because I like meat *i didnt eat it alot before anyways though...* Also i was wondering if i was alone because it seems whenever i tell people i'm vegetarian they are like "woah , how can you stand it??" I'm just wondering if it is common for my age or not.... I'm 12 1/2 yr old and i'm a girl. I'm not the healthiest eater *i love my sweets* but I make sure that i have nuts for protein because I dont eat meat!
  4. yes. it happened to my family once in the winter. We had to keep a fire going and had to sleep next to the fireplace we gathered all our family blankets up and all slept together in one small room.
  5. today I learned that sleeping in a bed and cuddlng with my sister and 2 older people i have known since i was born(not my parents) is really warm and makes me happy <3