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  1. I had a digi pet and how do you pause it and turn off the sound????
  2. I found this out: If ur tama is fed well before u don't take care of it, it won't die after around 11 hrs! ~Brainy~
  3. I never got caught for detention, but sometimes yes. The best thing to do is put the tama on a thingy round ur neck and if ur desk is higher than the tama, u can check it when ur teacher isn't looking. Once this year, my friend accidently reseted my tama and it beeped alot.. I started to fix it, but no-one noticed! lol! But my teacher saw me playing with it afterwards and she still let me have it in class, but never took it away. Once when I was at tutor, I had the sound on and I was trying to turn the sound off and the class was quite, I didn't get to but it beeped alot (when I pressed the C button on my V.5). But the funny thing was that my teacher didn't notice it, but instead a kid did and he didn't tell on me! And he noticed it again when it was 10:00am for trainning! LOL! And once when I was in year 3, my teacher let my friends and i play with them in spare time! She didn't care! LOl!
  4. Can you tell us simply how to hack tamatown in words? I don't like watching videos on the internet abou these things any more.
  5. Should we close this topic? The codes have already been swaped for. I told where they were on the site.
  6. What about Reality TV? It's open tommorrow!
  7. No problem! But one day soon, I might out in some more links.
  8. I think you posted in the wrong section and can you please fix up your spelling so that everyone can understand you.
  9. Yes. You can be away for more than 11 hrs, if you are going away on holiday and you do that. Also you could ask someone to take care of the tama, but they don't.
  10. I always wanted a TMG+C because its in colour and fun. If any of you win, you can post it here or PM the admin to get him to do something about it somewhere.
  11. I also use Firefox, but it is the version before the beta one. Tamatown always worked for me. But only relay it doesn't.
  12. For the NSW, I got Participation for English, science and spelling. I got Distinction for writing and High distinction for computer skills.
  13. What kind of tests do you do? Well tell us? SURVEYS ARE NOT INCLUDED. But, by the way, I did: NAPLAN tests for Yr3 ALL OF THE NSW tests for YR 3 and I am for Yr4 Private tests in class and for band. I WILL DO THE OC TESTS AND SO ON. WHAT ABOUT YOU?
  14. (sorry if someone posted this) It has been on TV in my area, last year, so it isn't rear to me.
  15. I have noticed today, at Australia, MacDonald has got the pixel chix game toys for girls and boys (three). Could someone post in the pics? It is only limited. Brainy
  16. The we want tamagotchi colour page is the one in English. That was fun at the survey.
  17. Ask Binary or if you have a V.6 go to this topic: V.6 codes, cheat system
  18. So here is how we play: Member 1:1.Worm sugar Member 2:2.Tomato sauce with paper Member 3:3.Pig meat and human blood AND SO ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will start: 1.Pig eyeballs
  19. Isn't the character you put in stars Kutchipatchi? I also would have Memetchi or Mimitchi as well.
  20. You actually took information off others and not on your own. I will report this to Binary and see what she tells about you.
  21. How do you pause a V.5? Go to the TV section, then, go to Travel show and wait for it and then choose yes and then wait for you tamas to all hop on a bus and then it should be on pause mode. To get your tama off pause mode, just press button 'C', then choose yes then yes again. You should see your tamas hopping off a bus an unlocking a door. It should be off pause mode. How to debug a V.5 I am not sure, but, I am certain you just open every screw of your tama, until you come across a tag or something with the word 'debug' on it. You should try rubbing a lead pencil on the word thingy. You will have fun and you can select your character a few times.