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  1. Ilovekutchipatchi55- I did feed it a little too much but for what bit was that about for. When I suddenly got the large family, I stooped feeding it (as it's hungry hearts were probably empty) Then I used the mirror to the large family, Then it turned back to the last family (Onputchi, Mumutchi, Yonepaptchi) Binary- Thanks for your help. Please post me a topic on how to get a bounding type of family (Smart family, Easing going family and cheerful family)
  2. I have got some tamgotchi names: Girls: Daisy Jane Angle Mame (read bellow for name details) Berry Dore Dalay Alice Sams Anan Ana Jen Jenny Slopy Lisa Emily Jade Nicko Steph (short for Stepheny or Stephanie or how you spell that name) cleo Boy: Dat Nick Anji Leo Anndy or Andy or Anddy Kevin or Kev Alfey Uom (read Um) Axl (read Axel) Ben Devin Dylan Nam Marty Max Mark Marv Steve Based on tamagotchi character names: Hino (boy based on Hinotamatchi) Tusba (boy and girl who cares about the name for gender based on Tsubatchi Female and male) Kutch (Boy Based on Kutchipatchi) Viol (Girl based on Violetchi) Mame (at the top, girl based on Mametchi) More later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE JOIN MY SITE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO JOIN IS BELLOW AT MY SIGNATURE:
  3. Binary- I did not expect it to do so, It just transformed back to the old family (the last family you had) I ALWAYS have a large family when it becomes the last charters Can you tell me binary? Also can you get out a special charter family with a V.5 Father: Memepapatchi Mother: Mamametchi How do you not get a large family or blended family (normal family) and instead get a better family?????????? PLEASE HELP BINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Some times people or a pest could wreck or steal or touch and break your tama so: My school doesn't have lockers but I suggest: 1. Bring a lock and a key to school 2. Decide weather to hide your tama in any lockable places in school 3. Lock your tama in your decided4. lockable place (eg. bag, locker, pants eg.) 4. Unlock your tamagotchi when ever you want to because: If you lock it up it will give the tama less noise that makes the class get disturbed. Also it will be easier to find out what is happening to your tamagotchi sometimes? Any other places???? Or ideas???? I see some of my friends play with their tamagotchi in class, Some get caught by getting seen or by the tamagotchi sound and sometimes they don't JOIN MY SITE NOW!!!!!! ALL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO JOIN MY SITE IS BELLOW AT MY SIGNATURE.
  5. I LOVE IT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You gave the log out code correct thanks! But the item codes DO NOT WORK FOR MY V.4.5 Could anyone tell me why? Brainy
  7. Easy! Select your featured CD and/or make on one at the Gotchi preforming art center (GPAC) Go to the club pop and click on the first door you see (from the entrance in) Then you should be able to play. If you win you get money more that 100 points If you lose you get 100 points Play at the ground (near the Gotchi records) Wait until the live concert opens
  8. Easy! 1. When the decorate your room sign ids available when you click on one of your items in the arpartment All you do is get things goggling (ready) for your apartment. The monthly gift and Club pop and featured CD will help you a lot
  9. It is easy! 1. Click on your profile. 2. Click feature CD and choose your feature CD!
  10. I play with my tama at break times Such as: At school times: Lunch Recess When I go to the bathroom After When in other places: When you go to the bathroom After
  11. OK! Once when the matchmaker came to my V.4.5 Tama, I pressed button B but then it froze. (normally it would bring out a partner) So then I had to download my tama. So sorry I posted in wrong topic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO ANY OF YOU KNOWS WHY THIS HAPPENS. brainy, PS. DOWNLOADING YOUR TAMA IS BETTER THAT RESETTING YOUR TAMA!
  12. It doesn't work binary, It changes back t the last family you have. ANYONE KNOW WHY
  13. I do love the V.5 tamatown. It's so easy medium! I have a V.5 and today: Daughter: Onputchi Son: Mumutchi Daughter: Yonepatchi Father: Metaboritchi Mother: Mametchi Generation: 5 Highest V.5 generation: 7 V.4.5 Anji: Son:H? please join my website with all of the how to join information bellow:
  14. Mine is: TA8221 TA stands for the first two letters of my name. 8 stand for how old I singed up for it. 221 means heart of the world Please join my site and instructions are bellow:
  15. I know how to pronounce more Tamagotchi manes: Mumutchi: Mum-mut-chi Onputchi: On-put-chi Metaboritchi: Meta-bo-rit-chi Nonberitchi: Non-ber-rit-chi Hinotamatchi: Hino-tamat-chi
  16. Mine is: TA8221 TA stands for the first two letters of my name 8 stands for how old I joined 221 means spirt heart held (by Enotter and Queenie and Arona)
  17. I love and have a V.5 tama because you can take care of your OWN family. I also have a V.4.5 and I love it too! (not as much as my V.5)! I named my V.4.5 tamagotchi character: Hitodetchi: Anji. I have named my V.5 family: Daisy I hope you know which way or what will happens next. Brainy. PS. Can you join my TAMAGOTCHI site bellow? READ CAREFULLY AND then Visit it or straight then PM me to sign in or post what you think or want about it and your new Tamagotchi website (if you have a tamagotchi website) in this web:
  18. I have some facts and what times to train your tamas: Like x.Midnight x. said, You can change the time while it's asleep (from 9:00PM) or you could try pausing it until 3 minutes before the training time you take it out of pause mode. Hope that helps Brainy
  19. I have two tamagotchies: (in order of when I got it) Baby version tama: Pink with blue numbers (Out of battery and lost) V.4.5- light blue with a rainbow and a cloud (still running) V.4.5- Dark purple and with some tama characters. (Broken by?and out of battery) V.5- white with the famalitchi house and red top (still running) The V.4.5 tama still running is scratched with 1 and a bit of a rainbow and a cloud The V.5 tama is a bit scratched at each side. I hope you have any ideas to stop it from getting scratched. Brainy
  20. I don't know about changing the time that would help bounding points go up. I have a very wanted question to ask you x.Midnight x. and it is: Some people like me, who wants to change the time to earn 100% bounding points but also they don't want to change the time. If so when is the best time to do so, in case that these people don't know the exact time. So when? PM me x.Midnight x. PM me! Your always asker, Brainy
  21. I know how to pronouce som tamagotchi names. Key: - means that the sylibles are being separated. You pronounce chi like i and y Mametchi: Mam-met-chi Itchigotchi: Itchi-gotchi Watchi: Watch-i Debatchi: Deb-bat-chi Kuchipatchi- Kut-chi-pat-chi Violetchi: Vi-ol-let-chi Osumotchi: Os-sum-mot-chi Togetchi: To-get-chi Daiytchi: Date-chi : P Celebtchi: Ce-lebt-chi I WILL always promise to send in some more of howto prnouce replies. Your codeactor, Brainy