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  1. A long time ago (I started in Khaini the day it came out). xD I never leveled much. I got to level 33 in less than a week on Mardia, starting the day it came out, but my best friend on maple dragged me back to Khaini basicly. xD So yeah. I'm not on Ms as much this week though.. I want to level more, Lol, but yeah. I'm getting sick of ms. I need a break. >< .tam
  2. o.o Wow, I never knew so many people like maple here. xD I'm level 71 in Khaini. I have other characters though. .tam
  3. I'm a girl, I always have been. xD. .tam
  4. 10/10, it's cute xD My non avatar is so cool. .tam
  5. Yup! You are SK are like my best friends now. ^.^ - tama -
  6. You are a great guide, and a great friend. Boredom?! Not at all! I can't wait for my 1 year of TamaTalk. ^^ - tama -
  7. I have 3 of them. I love them. - tama -
  8. I know. I was the first one to see that topic. I was soo happy! - tama -
  9. Piano and keyboard for about 5 years. - tama -
  10. Wow, congrats! It must be fun being a guide. *daydreams* *snaps out of it* Congrats, again! I knew that you would be a guide soon. - tama -
  11. Me too. ^.^' Congrats! - tama -
  12. I ban MISC for saying I make good avatars. - tama -