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  1. Just install the PS version in a different location. Then put the PS client in that PS folder.
  2. Nobody plays in Khaini... I'm in Khaini. I'm a level 45 dexless sin: RikkiG2!
  3. You cannot stop hyperspeed in V4. Sorry.
  4. You can but they don't actually interact. Sometimes, you get an item from the mailman that was sent from the mother/father (whichever you took care of).
  5. In my V5 the "NAZO" family. Or at least I call it that. Nazotchi mom, dad, and three babies.
  6. Can you make sure one is a boy and one is a girl?
  7. The V6 just has to be an adult. But the V5 has to be an adult + 2 days. Hope that helped.
  8. There are sites that let you get them for free in the sense that you don't pay money. But, you have to do surveys from their sponsor sites. They receive money for every person who sign up or completes a survey from the sponsor. In return they give some of that money to you which you can spend.
  9. Just hold up for one second, I'm looking for you.
  10. I finally got hold of a soldering iron and some solder. My mom's friend owned these and did it for me. Now my V5 family is: VIOLETCHI (♀), MAMETCHI (♂), KUROMAMETCHI(♀). My KUROMAMETCHI is a girl.
  11. Of course! TPBM likes chicken?
  12. I own a website. It's a Tamagotchi forum.
  13. A. A mansion LOL, everyone know you can't wish for more wishes. You meet Fred, do you: A. Tell him he sucks B. Tell him he's great C. Ask him how old he is
  14. V4, even though I have 4 Music Stars...