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  1. Okay, so May evolved into a Memetchi and she is 5 years old. Her band still hasn't passed auditions yet! In her band there is a Masktchi named Lisa and a Chantotchi named Veronica, Lisa plays the trumpet and Veronica plays the guitar. They are into Pop Music. Maddy got married to a sukatchi and she had a pure family. I didn't have enough time to try and get their bonding up, so I got her to marry a Mametchi and she had 3 little eggs. I haven't named them yet, but here is what they are ; Sukuramochi, Mousetchi, Tororotchi. Chester left me aswell, so I got a girl and I named her Lola and she is a hitodetchi and she should be evolving today! I will post when she evolves!
  2. Okay! Skeeter left me today! He was formerly a dorotchi! Chester evolved into a togetchi and he is currently 6 years old! When Skeeter left me, I got a girl and named her May. She was a petitchi, then a tamatchi and now she is a Chamametchi, evolving this afternoon! Maddy and Jack are adults. Maddy is a violetchi and Jack is furikotchi. I am trying to get Maddy married to a Sukatchi so that I can try and get a pure family. Oh yeah! I have made another account because something went weird on this one, I am TamaPunky, so I will be kind of continuing this log!
  3. Yes Should I try and get a A+ in English????
  4. Skeeter evolved! He is now a Kuchitamatchi, just like Chester was! Oh - STATS CHECK! Chester- Age- 1 year Weight - 20lbs Hungry- ♥♥ Happy- ♥♥ Stress- 34 (Will get it down!) Tone- 288 Rhythm- 231 Original-349 Genre- Rock 'n' Roll Gen- 2G Points- 7700g Skeeter- Age- 0 Year Weight - 18lbs Hungry- ♥♥♥♥ Happy- ♥♥♥♥ Stress- 04 Tone-171 Rhythm- 151 Original- 188 Genre- Hip Hop Gen- 4G Points- 0g
  5. Matt and Destiny left their baby this-morning! I named him Skeeter. Skeeter plays the guitar and his current toy is a spaceship, but he doesn't like it! He is currently practicing his guitar because I want him to max out his points very quickly! Chester should be evolving today! Hooray! I really want something along the lines of a Kuromametchi or a mametchi. He is also practicing away like a mad-man! I am trying to get his skill points maxed out but I don't think that i can do it! The v5's are going just fine! Maddy is trying to be the boss over Jack, but Jack is still standing his ground very nicely. Their hearts don't drop as fast as the others do which I am very happy about, I must say! Anyway, I will post again when there is more news, because there is really nothing at the moment.
  6. Tamagotchi's Favourite Foods List (Music Star): o------------------------------------------------o Tarakotchi : Fish Mimtchi : Ice-cream Hintotamatchi: Tacos Hitodetchi : Fries Kuribotchi : Ham-burgers Nonopotchi : Ham-burgers Kikitchi : Steak o------------------------------------------------o I will keep updating this in future posts! P.S- Anyone caught stealing this table will be reported! mad.gif You can only use this table under my permission! So from now on I will be posting wrong and correct information about the tamagotchi favourite foods so that if you copy it you will be wrong and for all you know now, the information on the current table is wrong!
  7. Destiny and Matt should be leaving there baby tonight! Chester evolved into a Kikitchi! Now I am just waiting for him to be accepted into school! I can get the V5's married, but I am just getting their bonding up *Uses time cheat* All better! Aqua- Needs Mumutchi o----------------------------o 1. Mukugetchi.. NO! 2. Hatugatchi... NO! 3. Sukatchi... NO! Bob- Needs Violetchi o----------------------------o 1. Potetchi... NO! 2. Watatchi.. NO! 3. Yonepotchi... NO! *Keeps trying with Bob* GOT A VIOLETCHI! They had 2 babies ( Bob and his wife) I think I will name one, Maddy, and the other Jack! Cute, aye? Anyway, I will reply when there is more news....
  8. Tiger Undertaker and Shawn Micheals (Sorry if you don't like them, they are wrestlers)
  9. Chester just got a visit from Ms Frill and she got lil' Chester a skateboard! He lieks the skateboard