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  1. If you ever log on here again you should message me on my tumblr, linked in my profile



  4. Anodyne Pain Anguish Hopelessness Deception burns Her forsaken soul This sickness controls her Helplessness is claiming her Time cannot erase her mistakes Bound by her own grief, she can’t break free She does not know how much more she can give Through the darkness a small light is shining An aura of purity and joy Radiating, her anodyne Her despair begins to fade Mind and soul, again whole The veil is parted Finding solace From the dark Giving Hope
  5. I have stretched to 12g but let them go back to 18g. I have one set of earrings. And recently self-pierced my second set. Soon I'm getting an Industrial. Excited!
  6. I'm back if anyone here still remembers me.

  7. A little over a week ago I pierced my own second holes. x)
  8. December 11th, I'm seeing one of my favourite bands (Silverstein) in concert for the first time! 8D
  9. Under The Dome - Stephen King. So. Long.
  10. Neither can I! It looks so nice on people. ;_; I usually just brush & straighten. If I blow dry my hair with my head upside down,it gooes all nice & volume-ish.
  11. Post-Hardcore, Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore Punk. (: Whatever VersaEmerge is.
  12. BMTH, Silverstein, Atreyu, All That Remains, Escape The Fate. :3 I'm seeing Silverstein December 11th!
  14. ^ Yes, thanks for the advice! That seems like a good idea, to just have two seperate. Healing time would probably be reduced.
  15. I have my ears pierced once each, but I usually don't remember to put in earrings. I REALLY want an Industrial.
  16. Taking melatonin. I have to make sure to take it about an hour before bedtime. The other night I took it at 7pm, and I feel into deep sleep at 8pm.
  17. When walking on the sidewalk, I have to take my steps-per-block in this patters: 1-2-2-1-2-2-1 Or else I will stop walking, and make sure it's that pattern. When I'm at a store, I have to touch EVERYTHING. If something's on display, I have to touch it. Just sweeping my hand across the objects makes me feel satisfied and less anxious.
  18. Bad grammar annoys me horribly. I also hate when people can't let go of something. Holding a grudge isn't gonna solve anything.
  19. I love the Hunger Games, I read the series SO fast. (: At first, I loved Gale/Katniss match, but I later started to like Katniss/Peeta. By the ending, I really was torn. The epilogue didn't go well for me. I was honestly expecting a lot more. :\
  20. I see you like A Day To Remember, as well.

    Very nice indeed.