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  1. Thanks BanDai! PS. I saw Tamagotchi The Movie in English in my video shop! I needs to grab it!
  2. Just keep looking after them and when they are old enough, accept the Mathmaker's request EDIT: I have two v4.5's just to let you know
  3. My V6's evolution process: G1 (Boy) Petitchi > Kuribotchi > Kikitchi (I think, not too sure) > Shimashimatchi
  4. Every time someone changes rooms or logs in, it says undefined on my screen
  5. Huge thankies to TMGClover92. As soon as I saw this post, I went out to KMart and got one! Thankies!
  6. Excuse me, but I just got mine today and it is day/month.
  7. I don't think people have had time to make a JD Character Chart. Most people don't bother wasting their time on JD Tamaotchi
  8. I don't use the Endless very often, I stick to 300 Tama Mile. Once on Endless, I did like 600 Tama Mile.
  9. AABA CCBB = Parent CCAC BCBA = Grandparent
  10. This is lucky. I was at school and had my V4.5 and my friend had his V3. During class it was in our bags and I heard one of them beep and I thought it was mine. I went to the teacher to ask if I could go to my bag to fix up my Tamagotchi. She said no. At play time I got mine out and it was paused! Heart attack! Anyway, you should be careful if you leave them unpaused. Your teacher may not care and it may die.
  11. Account change. I have four dogs, 10378 Trainer Points and $16,083.28. My dogs are: ♂ Max (Golden Retriever, Dog Hotel) White-ish w/ orange-y ears ♂ Spot (Dalmatian, 0:16, And, yes, I have the Fireman's Hat) HOME. White, spottiest type ♀ Molly (Boxer, 0:50) HOME. Brown w/ white path underneath ♀ Daisy (Cavelier K.C. Spaniel, 1:41) HOME. Brown w/ white patches Descriptions: Daisy is good at Agility Trials, she has won the championship 5 consecutive times! She is also good at Obedence Trials. Great at feeding, playing etc. Cool pooch. Molly is OK at Disc Competitions. Great at feeding, playing etc. Cool pooch Max is great at Disc Competitons. Great at feeding, playing etc. Cool pooch Spot is one cool fireman! I knew he was a fireman in his previous life! And finaly (drum roll, please?!) I HAVE THE GOLD BAR (worth $2,000!)!!!!
  12. About 2 days-ish. Though, if you pause it......
  13. That is normal. Your toddler shoud evolve soon.